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What Nazi knives are collectibles?

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Dress daggers for German WW2 Army, Navy, luffwaffe, SS, SA, & Hitler Youth

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What knives did Nazi soldiers use during world war 2?


What happened on the night of long knives?

The nazi party had all the SA leaders and other rivals executed.

What was The Night of the Long Knives?

Adolf Hitler's purge of the Nazi party and the Storm troopers (: Young J ,,. APEX(:

What was the 'night of long knives?

The Night of Long Knives occurred on June 30, 1934. More than a thousand high ranking SA officials (Hitler's militant Nazi storm troopers), including several of Hitler's oldest affiliates were executed in a bloody purge by those who opposed the group's radicalism. After this purge, another Nazi organization was created to replace the SA officials: the Schutzstaffel, or the SS. The SS became the most dreaded arm of Nazi terror. Thus the Night of Long Knives was an action of opposition against the Nazi regime that simply gave rise to an even stronger paramilitary organization for the Nazis.

Who are the SA?

Sturm Abteilung, the Storm Wing of the Nazi party. Led by Ernst Roehm they were superseeded by the SS after the Night of the Long Knives.

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Who died in the night of the long knives?

in the night of the long knives the important people that died were Ernst Rohm leader of the S.A and Kurt von Schleicher who was Hitler's procedure chancellor and also Gregor Strasser a former nazi who resined from the party as he had socialist views. hope that helped a bit : ) SOPHIE

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