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What OS is mostly used with Java?


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Windows ,Linux /unix.

Windows "looks" better to the eye and therfor is easier for

work its depend upon your choice and work iseely on that

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Yes, Android OS is easy for java developers. It is because the coding in Android is in core Java.

java is a programming language and android is a mobile phone platform developed by google.

The 'best' OS for java is a very subjective question. Some OS systems are more optimized than others for java.

java used mostly interpretor to convert bytecode to machine dependant code.

Yes, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ships with Java support.

Download the JRE (java runtime environment) from Sun's website. make sure you get a version that will run on your os.

Android OS uses applications that are a customized version of Java. Without knowing the reasons and where this is being downloaded to, it is difficult to answer this question.

Java is developed by Sun, which makes Solaris OS.

java is platform independent language. means it does not depends on your OS or other s/w.

it's a harsh word expressing emotion but can be used to strengthen solidarity only in surabaya and malang (both are east java) ,mostly used by people in east java, but known by people of middle java

Because all Java bytecode runs on the Java JVM, which in turn runs on top of the OS. Thus, Java separates the execution environment from the OS, making the Java code machine independent. The same Java code can be run on pretty much any machine, provided that a JVm is available.

Platform independent language means once compiled you can execute the program on any platform (OS). Java is platform independent. Because the Java compiler converts the source code to bytecode, which is Intermidiate Language. Bytecode can be executed on any platform (OS) using JVM( Java Virtual Machine).

It is a Linux-based open source operating system. Programming languages are in C, C++, and Java, with apps being written in a customized version of Java.

Sure, We can design OS using java, c++ and even with C also but the main reason is the code will be very hectic and very lengthy tooo

Java compiler available on multiple platforms, the class files it generates are platform-independent.

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a open source language which can be used by anyone and everyone, for more details on the use of java see Java patents. Google has developed a Java based OS for mobile devices which has been patented for its functionality which means that Google does not have any ownership rights over the actual Java language.

The primary difference between the two is that Android is a mobile platform while Java is a programming language. Often however, Android is jJva-based.

There are many types of OS in a smart card.some are-Java CardMULTOSDash2Dash3

Core Java is Sun's term, used to refer to Java SE, the standard edition and a set of related technologies, like the Java VM, CORBA, et cetera. This is mostly todifferentiatefrom, say, Java ME or Java EE. Also note that they're talking about a set of libraries rather than the programming language.

Well, I do know that Macs, Linuxes, and Windows computers all support Java, but I do not know if other, lesser-known OSes will support Java.

Not usually. There are numerous languages out there with similar functionality. The only time you must use Java is if your employer or client demands that a project be done in Java, or a particular platform requires the use of Java, such as Android OS.

There is, in that apps are written in a customized version of Java, using Android's SDK (Software Development Kit).

Mac OS X has Java already installed. You do not need to download it and install it currently, and Java apps should have no problem running. It has to be a real java app, not a Windows exe file compiled that also uses java, that is still a Windows program. When Mac OS X 10.7 comes out, it will not have Java installed by default, and you have to install it manually just like you do on Windows.... just download the Mac version and install.

There's a lot of variety of Operating System (OS) used in mobiles. On early years, popular mobile brands used Java or Symbian or even Both in one mobile phones. The brands are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and etc. They're very popular in 2005 - 2009. Now there are a lot of mobile OS. They are Android, Apple OS (well-known as iOS), Blackberry OS, and Windows Phone. Android is used by almost all mobile brands, iOS by Apple, Blackberry OS by blackberry (next year will be in iOS and Android too), and some of them uses Windows Phone(Nokia,Samsung,etc). The Java and Symbian OS nearly dead. But it's still great I think.

For 32 bit OS the default size is 64kb. For 64 bit OS the default size is 128kb

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