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The mitochondria copiously produce Atp which is required in all Cellular functions including the contractile activity of muscle tissue.

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I believe it's Mitochondria

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Q: What Organelle provides energy for muscle contraction?
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What organelle provides the energy needed for muscle contraction?

The nuclei is one organelle that is important to the muscle system. This is because the nuclei helps the muscle system develop.

The molecule that provides the energy to the muscle for contraction is?


What provides the energy needed for muscle contraction?


What organelle would be most common in a muscle cell?

Mitochondria - to produce the ATP needed for muscle contraction

Why is atp important in muscles?

ATP is important in muscle contraction. ATP is high energy bond which gives you energy required for muscle contraction.

What energy sources for the contraction of muscle cells?


Which type of muscle has very little mitochondria?

Mitochondria is the organelle that provides energy in the form of A.T.P. (adenosine-tri-phosphate) so the muscle cell that has the fewest mitochondria must be the muscle cells that do not require much energy like the muscles of the head etc.Type your answer here...

What are three forms of energy involved in a muscle contraction?

Muscle contraction is caused by three forms of energy. This includes sugar such as glucose, vitamins like calcium, and fatty acids.

Glycerinated muscle requires the addition of what molecule to supply the energy for muscle contraction?


What is the role of myosin APT ase in muscle contraction?

Myosin ATPase hydrolyze ATP into ADP+pi and yielding the energy required for muscle contraction.

The energy source that is directly responsible for muscle fiber contraction is?


Is ATP the most abundant energy source for muscle contraction?

yea it is