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The vacuoles are what move and package things in a eukaryote cell as well as a animal and plant cell no mater what cell it is in it is all the same.

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Q: What Organelle that processes packages and move things in the eukaryote cell?
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What organelle packages things?

golgi appartus

What cell part transports proteins and other things as well through the cell?

Golgi complex transports proteins and other things as well.It's organelle packages and distributes proteins.

Is a cheetah prokaryote or eukaryote?

it is a eukaryote because all living things have nucleus

Is a pond lily a eukaryote or prokaryote cell?

A eukaryote- The only things that have prokaryote cells are bacteria

What is the organelle that packages and sorts materials to be transported out of the cell?

the Golgi apparatus,Golgi complex or Golgi body is an organelle which modifies hormones and proteins and then packages them into distributing amounts, then stores them until they need to be used by the cell then it secretes it making secretory vesicles that then travel to the plasma membrane and out of the cell :]

What is the theme of Big Things Come in Small Packages?

Neither. It is "Great things can come in small packages."

How are cnyons created by consturctive processes and destructive processes?

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What are the little things on the larger organelle?


What is a bacteria organelle?

No. "Organelle" means "little organ". An organelle is like a little organ inside of a cell that does specific things to keep the cell alive.

What do Golgi bodies do for the cell?

well in general all parts of the cell matter even if each part is not necesserily known to mankind. But in particular another name is Golgi apparatus, and it produces vesicles and packages things to be sent out of the cell.

What organelle transports things out of cells?

Golgi apparatus.

What organelle stores water and other things?