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In solid state particles are closest and only able to vibrate, not moving around

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Describe how particles move in a solid?

They are close together and vibrate

Why solids has definite shape and volume?

This is because of the particles are close together and dont move (they do vibrate)

Describe the arrangement in liquid particles?

Particles in a liquid are close together with no regular arrangement. Particles in a liquid vibrate, move about, and slide past each other.

Particles in a solid are what?

The particles in a solid are very close. They can not move about. They vibrate about fixed positions. Solids have a fixed volume because the particles are so close they can not be squeezed together. Solids have a fixed shape because their particles can not move.

Are particles of a gas close together?

No,particles of will not be close together

Does heating a liquid make the particle to move closer together?

As you know water particles are as not close together like a solid. When you heat water the particles vibrate and move around more, they don't move it closer together.

What do particles in a solid look like?

In a solid the paricles are very close together and vibrate slowly, always staying in one place!

Are solid particles close together?

yes the particles are very close together

What is the movement of particles within solids?

In a solid, the particles are locked together, but they vibrate in place.

How would you describe the behavior of particles in a solid?

They are close together and vibrate in place, thus they form a solid structure that has a definite shape and volume.

What is the kinetic motion of the particles in solid?

They are locked together for which they vibrate

Are the particles in ice close together or far apart?

Ice is solid and all particles in a solid are close together. Therefore, particles (molecules of water) in ice are close together.

In which state are the particles least able to move?

Solid. In this state the atoms are packed so close together that they only vibrate against each other.

How do particles move differently in a solid a liquid and a gas?

particles in a solid are packed close together and vibrate. the particles in a liquid are loosely packed together and can move freely but not putting too much space between them. the particles in a gas are very spread apart and can move anywhere. does this help you understand?

What are longitudenal waves?

They are Waves that vibrate particles back and forth like this :::::: : : : : : : ::::::: : : : : :::::::: : : : : :::::::: : : : : ::::::: The ones close together are called compression the ones further apart are called rarefaction.

In which state of matter do particles vibrate in place?

The solid state of matter is the phase in which particles vibrate in space. Because particles in a solid are so tightly packed together, they can vibrate but not move to any significant extent. However, in liquids and gases, the molecules are free to vibrate was well as move around.

How do solid particles move?

They are tightly bonded together therefore they can only vibrate.

Why do particles vibrate?

Particles vibrate because of heat being present

Particles vibrate faster when they are cooled?

Particles vibrate faster when they are heated.

What are properties of solid?

The properties of a solid include having a definite shape and definite volume. The particles of a solid are close together, vibrate in place, and have low kinetic energy.

What happens when particles in a solid are packed so close together?

particles in a solid are packed so close together they can only

Can you compress a gas because its particles are close together.?

No. You can compress a gas because the particles are NOT close together. If they are close together (as in a solid) it is extremely difficult to compress any further.

Causes particles to vibrate in place?

the thermal energy is what causes the particles to vibrate.

Why is a solid the best conductor of heat?

The conduction of heat is the vibration of the atoms in the material. A solid's atoms are very close together, so that when a particle is heated and begins to vibrate, the other particles vibrate as well very quickly Hope that helped

What are the particle differences between a solid liquid and gas?

Particles in a solid are packed tightly together, and vibrate, but don't really move around. In liquid, they are fairly close together, but are not arranged in a particular pattern, and slide over and around each other. In a gas, the particles are spread out and in no regular arrangement and move around and vibrate at high speeds. Additionally, particles in a solid move slower than particles in a liquid or gas, particles in a liquid move somewhere in the middle, and gas particles move the fastest of all.

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