What Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon Platinum?

you can catch the same (and other Pokemon including a new legendary Pokemon called giratina) in Pokemon diamond and pearl, there are just better graphics and i think that is a slightly different story line and you get to catch giratina in the distortion world instead of turn back cave (D/P). You can also catch REGIROCK, REGICE, and REGISTEEL if you have the event REGIGIGAS in your party and youy have to go to specific locations to get them and you can find these locations out on youtube. Lastly, you can catch ARTICUNO, ZAPDOS, and MOLTRES but they are ROAMING LEGENDARIES so they are hard to catch so bring a Pokemon with mean look and they have roost to recover so that can be a pain so also bring a Pokemon with heal block or hypnosis and false swipe, also (this is optional) you can bring tons of ultra balls (700 is good) or migrate Pokemon holding master balls from other games like R/S/E or FR/LG and that's about it.........I guess?