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some fire Pokemon, vulpix or just look in your game and don't be lazy.Also in diamond once you entered firered in the slot migrate your Pokemon if the regions kanto or hoenn then enter pal park in diamond and you'll get to enter a show then you will be able to catch Pokemon from firered there.

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Q: What Pokemon can you find in Pokemon Diamond if you have Pokemon firered in the slot?
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Where do you find arbok in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find it in the Great Marsh with dual slot Firered. Dual slot means you put diamond in slot 1 and Firered in slot 2.

Where can you find an elecid in Pokemon diamond?

Route 204-South Valley Windworks With FireRed in GBA Slot *elekid*

How do you catch a growlithe in Pokemon diamond?

Route 202 with FireRed in GBA slot.

Where do you catch magby's in Pokemon diamond?

put a leafgreen(or was it firered??)game in slot 2 and then find magby in stark mountain

Where do you get the eletrizer in Pokemon diamond?

The Electirizer can be found on wild Elekid in Pokemon Diamond. To make wild Elekid appear you need a copy of Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. While Pokemon FireRed is in the slot Elekid will start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

What dos the electronizer do on Pokemon Diamond?

The electrizer on Pokemon Diamond is used by Electabuzz to evolve into Electivire. To get the electrizer in Pokemon Diamond you must have inserted Pokemon Firered in the game boy slot.

How do you catch Growlithe on Diamond?

You have to be on a ds light and you put pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot and pokemon diamond in the top slot. Then You go to route 201 andyou walk into thetall grass.

Can you trade Pokemon from Diamond to FireRed and then to Emerald?

No. The Nintendo DS doesn't have a slot for a cable trade anyway.

Where do you catch ekans on pokemon diamond?

In Diamond you can find Ekans only when you also have the GBA game FireRed. When you've put FireRed in the GBA slot of your DS, you can find Ekans at route 212. It's rare and will be between levels 18-20. You can find it at all times.

Can you catch legendary Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon diamond?

you have to catch it in firered or leafgreen and transfer it to the pal park via the dual slot

Where do you find the Electirizer in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have Pokemon FireRed, put the cartridge in slot two of your DS. Then travel to Valley Windworks and catch an Elekid (you must catch it to get the item). In Pokemon Diamond it is a 5% chance to get the Electirizer, but in Pearl it is a 50% chance.

What Pokemon do you get when you have Pokemon FireRed in your gba slot in your ds and Pokemon Diamond?

well it basically depends on the Pokemon you have in your party in Pokemon fire red. Those are the Pokemon you will get in Pokemon diamond on your ds. Hope this helps.:) Abdul Amodi

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