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In Pokemon Sapphire, Shuppet, Duskull, Vulpix and Chimecho can all be found on Mount Pyre.

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Where is mt Pyre in Pokemon sapphire?

From Route 121, go south and surf on Route 122 and you'll find Mt. Pyre.

How do you find shadow ball in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find one only in Mt. Pyre. There is only ONE

Where do you find a Vulpix in the Pokemon Sapphire game?

Vulpix can be found in the area outside of Mt. Pyre.

What Pokemon are at mtpyre sapphire?

There aren't any Pokemon on Mt. Pyre. There are Pokemon on the trail that leads from Mt. Pyre down to Lavaridge town. You can find Spoink, Numel, Zigzagoon, and possibly other Pokemon, but the only exlusive Pokemon to that trail is Spoink.

Where is mtmoon in Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no Mt. Moon in Pokemon Sapphire. There are a two other mountains, however: Mt. Pyre, and Meteor Falls (it's similar to Mt. Moon).

How do you get to mt prye in Pokemon Diamond?

Mt. Pyre is a location in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, you can't get there in Diamond.

Where do you get a chimecho on Pokemon Sapphire?

On mt. Pyre on the grass where the fog is and there EXTREMELY hard to find...it took ne like an hour

How do you get the blue orb in Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to go to mt. pyre. you have to be in a certain part in the game. team aqua should have stolen the red orb when you go to mt. pyre.

What is the easiest way to catch meditite in emerald?

Umm... Trade from someone in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. In Ruby and Sapphire, you can find Meditite at Mt. Pyre. But, in Emerald, you have to trade it...

How do you find ninetales in Pokemon sapphire?

I know you can find Vulpix on Mt. Pyre but i think you'd actually have to evolve it. Ninetales i think is one of the pokemon you have to get by evolving not just finding.

Where is Mt Coronet at in ruby?

Mt. Coronet is in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, not Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You must be thinking about Mt. Pyre.

Where is Mt Pyre on Pokemon Emerald?

Mt. Pyre in Pokemon Emerald is near Lilycove City on Route 122. You have to surf to get there, or make it to the Safari zone. There's a cave where you have to go in and move up, and there you will find Mt. Pyre.

Where can you catch a meditite in Emerald?

On emerald you cannot find wild meditite, it has to be traded to you from sapphire. On sapphire you can find them on top of Mt. Pyre; other Pokemon include vulpix, duskull, shuppet, and very rarely chimecho.

How do you get Pokemon Vullpix?

in which version ? In emerald you can find it easily at Mt Pyre

How do you find chemicho on Pokemon ruby?

Chimecho is in Mt. Pyre Summit.

Can you get vulpix on Pokemon ruby?

You find Vulpix in the exterior of Mt. Pyre.

Can you catch vulpix in sapphire?

Yes, there are a lot of them at Mt. Pyre.

How do you get to Mt Pyre on Pokemon Sapphire?

This is simple: You head south from route 121 (you have to surf across), and go to the other side of the big rock in the middle of the water, and there should be an opening. That's the entrance to Mt. Pyre.

Where can you find a light ball in sapphire?

you have to go to mt pyre to get a blue ball called the blue orb

How do you get duskull in Pokemon Sapphire?

On The MT. PYre Route 122 exactly on the right and left of the grandparents who provide blue orb

How do you get in team aquas base?

Team Aqua are the antagonists in Pokemon Sapphire version. To get into their base, you have to first go to Mt. Pyre.

How do you find a ghost Pokemon in Emerald?

Ghost types are found in Mt pyre.

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