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What Pokemon can you get when Pokemon FireRed is inserted in pearl?

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u have to go to the home menu and select merge and you can only take Pokemon from fire red but not give Pokemon to fire red

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How do you find Metapod on Pokemon pearl?

You can find it in Eterna Forest while LeafGreen/FireRed is inserted in your ds

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to firered. you can only trade from firered to pearl because firered doesnt have the data. in other words no sinnoh Pokemon are in the firered pokedex and is completely unknown.No but you can trade fire red Pokemon to pearl

Were do you get grolith in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Growlithe can be found along Routes 201 & 202, but only if Pokemon Firered is inserted in the GBA slot.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon firered to Pokemon Pearl?

You can insert FireRed and then go to Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond\Pearl then get your Pokemon from there.

Can you trade pokemon from fire red to Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot "trade" pokemon between Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon Pearl. Instead, pokemon from Pokemon FireRed Version can be transferred to Pokemon Pearl via Pal Park.

What Pokemon can you get with pearl inserted in your ds on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get the Pokemon in Sinnoh. If you go to Pokemon.com, you can see them.

Is mamoswine on Pokemon FireRed?

No it's on Pokemon diamond and pearl.

Where do you get caterpie in pearl?

You can find it at Route 204-South, while FireRed is inserted in your ds

Where do you find Zapdos on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get Zapdos on Pokemon Pearl or Diamond but you can migrate it from Pokemon LeafGreen or Pokemon FireRed.

When does tangela evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Tangela does not evolve in Pokemon FireRed. It didn't get an evolution until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after FireRed.

How can you get Palkia on Pokemon FireRed?

You can't. It is only in Pokemon pearl version.

Can you get Pokemon from Pokemon firered on to Pokemon battle revaltion?

Yes, migrate your firered Pokemon to diamond, pearl or platinum then use your DS internet connection to put your firered Pokemon in battle revolution.

Where is gible in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant catch gible in firered or leafgreen only on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

How do you get a sandshrew on Pokemon Pearl?

Sandshrew is not obtainable in Pokemon pearl/diamondzsemicolumz it must b migrated from Pokemon leafgreen/firered.

In Pokemon pearl how do you get Bulbasaur?

get firered or leafgreen and migrate it to pearl after national pokedex

In Pokemon pearl do you get a zangoose in route 208?

you must have Pokemon ruby inserted.

Where to get Charmander on Pokemon pearl?

migrate from firered or leafgreen

Where do you get lavitar on pearl in Pokemon?

migrate from firered or leafgreen

How do you get mewtew on Pokemon pearl?

migrate from firered or leafgreen

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon pearl?

trade from firered or leafgreen

Where is route 224 on Pokemon FireRed?

Route 224 is in diamond, pearl and platinum not firered.

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