Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

What Pokemon does Red own in FireRed?

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The same Pokemon as you, as you are Red in Fire Red. Your rival is Blue/Gary.

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Do Pokemon FireRed and red have the same Pokemon?

Not at all because firered has a few extras in the game it has Pokemon that red couldn't get like delibird, sentret and natu.

How do you get in the hotel in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

There is no hotel in Pokemon fire red

What does the Pokemon FireRed game look like?

It is red and it says Pokemon FireRed version or something like that.

What is the male you can choose to play as from Pokemon emerald called?

He has no true name but some people call him Red, like Pokemon Red or Firered like Pokemon Firered.

Can you trade from Pokemon Red to Pokemon gold?

if you mean Pokemon RED, not FIRERED, then you can by using the time machine.

What is the difference between Pokemon Red and FireRed?

Pokemon Red was the original Pokemon game on the GameBoy along with Pokemon Blue. Pokemon FireRed is the GameBoy Advance remake that is massively updated. FireRed has all the new Pokemon introduced since Red and Blue along with new mechanics, better balancing and significantly updated graphics.

How do you use a red orb on Pokemon FireRed?

The Red Orb has no use in Firered because it doesn't exist in that game.

Where is Pokemon colleseum n FireRed?

there is no Pokemon collesseum in fire red

Pokemon FireRed How do you use recycle?

There in no recycle in Pokemon fire red.

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to firered. you can only trade from firered to pearl because firered doesnt have the data. in other words no sinnoh Pokemon are in the firered pokedex and is completely unknown.No but you can trade fire red Pokemon to pearl

Is Pokemon FireRed fun in Pokemon FireRed?

If one of the trainer are playing it, then yes, fire red IS fun in fire red (this is MUCH better than the last answer...)

How do you get lv100 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

level them up on your own and slowly

What is there in the Pokemon tower in Pokemon FireRed?

in pokemon fire red you will get a pokeflute to wake snorelax

Can you get a Riolu in Pokemon FireRed?

No in fire red there is no Riolu.

Aerodactyl in Pokemon FireRed?

yes it is in fire red.

Where is the Colosseum in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no colosseum in fire red.

What are opinions on the best Pokemon on FireRed?

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

Can you catch the Pokemon magmar in Pokemon FireRed version?

Sorry, but in fire red you cant catch magmar. but in leafgreen you can. the Pokemon firered has as a replacement for that is electabuzz. :)

How do you get surf without cut in Pokemon FireRed?

where to get surf in Pokemon fire red

Is grimer on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Grimer can be caught in Pokemon Fire Red.

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