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What Pokemon does splash work on?

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NO Pokemon

splash is the most useless thing in Pokemon games. even premium balls are better (i know attacks and balls are 2 distinct things....)

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Does splash work in any Pokemon game?

i have heard that splash only works if you are holding a water plate

What does splash do on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Splash does nothing.

What is splash supposed to do on Pokemon?

Splash has no effect whatsoever, it is a useless move.

What does splash do in Pokemon?

Splash wont do anything AT ALL!!!!! people just wanted magikarp to be the weakest Pokemon of all time. :)

How do you get splash to work in Pokemon games?

I have heard that it works by chance once in a million. but not sure. doesnt work in water.... im sorry..... but, just no.....

What is the point of splash on Pokemon?

I think the point of splash is just to make Pokemon more realistic. But besides that, there pretty much is no point. I would suggest to the Pokemon creator that if the Pokemon was bigger than it does damage cuz if a wailord did splash that's gonna hurt some Pokemon haha

What does splash do on pokemon?

It usually fails

What does the Pokemon move splash do?


Is there a way to make the move 'splash' in the Pokemon games take out damage?


What does splash attack in Pokemon do?

Splash is a move that is completely useless (with the exception of it in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, where it deals 5 damage to the opponent and the Pokemon that used it), and is Magikarp's signature move.

What is the worst Pokemon move?

In my opinion, it is Splash.

Does splash do anything on Pokemon?

never does, never will

What does the move splash in Pokemon SoulSilver do?


What good and what does splash do in any Pokemon Game?

Nothing it has no effect on either Pokemon.

What is the weakest Pokemon move?

The weakest Pokemon move is splash it doesn't do anything

What is the worst Pokemon Pearl move?

Splash. It does no damage.

Where do you find a splash plate in Pokemon Pearl?

In the Underground

How does a steam distillation sloping splash head work?

There is a steam distillation but no sloping splash head?

What are the moves of the Pokemon named balbasaur?

Just Splash and Teleport.

What moves should you teach your Snorlax on Pokemon firered?


What Pokemon can learn splash?

wailmer and magikarp are the only that learn it that i know of

What other Pokemon can learn splash in heart gold?

(Pardon my spelling mistakes) The Only Pokemon that can learn splash is Magikarp, Gyardos (if you didn't make it forget splash when it was Magikarp). The other two I THINK is Feebas And Milotic (Milotic's reason is exactly the same as Gyardos. Hope this helped! :)

How do you get the move splash in Pokemon SoulSilver?

These pokemon can all learn it: Magicarp Hoppip Skiploom Driftblim Spoink Grumpig and some others. Search splash to see the entire list. Still... Why do you want to know this? Splash is a useless move that does nothing. Regardless... Hope I helped ;D

Where is the splash plate in pokemon diamond?

head past the two girl swimmers on route 220, and you will see a poke ball. it's the splash plate

Which TM is splash?

there are TM's for every Pokemon move exept splash from what i know...but i probably wouldent want it any way because it does absolutly nothing

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