Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

What Pokemon is no140 in the Hoenn pokedex?

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It's Feebas.

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How many Pokemon are in the hoen pokedex?

It's the HOENN pokedex and there's 200-135 hoenn Pokemon and 65 others.

Is there a pokedex with just hoenn Pokemon?

yes,it is the hoenn pokedex you can get only in ruby,sapphire and emerald.

What Pokemon is number 191 in the Hoenn pokedex?

my pokedex said that there are only 139 Pokemon in the hoen pokedex.

What is in the national pokedex in Pokemon FireRed?

Johto and Hoenn pokemon.

How do you complete Hoenn pokedex in Pokemon Emerald?

To complete hoenn pokedex you do not need JIRACHI & DEOXYS at can't get all Pokemon on Pokemon emerald so TRADE or CHEAT !!

How do you get the national pokedex on Pokemon Ruby?

beat the hoenn pokedex and go to prof.birch

In Pokemon emerald's Hoenn pokedex what Pokemon is number 180?


What pokemon is 168 in hoenn pokedex?

It is the Pokémon Heracross

How many Pokemon has the Hoenn pokedex got?


In Pokemon emerald's pokedex what Pokemon is number 367?

In the both the Hoenn and national pokedex, Pokemon number 367 is Huntail.

Who is 138 in Pokemon Emerald?

if you mean which Pokemon is #138 in Pokemon Emerald it is Jiggleypuff in the Hoenn Pokedex or Omanyte if you have the National Pokedex

Can you catch hoenn pokemon in heartgold?

Yes, you need to complete the Johto Pokedex to get the Hoenn Sound device, which allows you to catch Hoenn pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Emerald national pokedex?

In order to obtain the national pokedex, you must beat the pokemon league and see the first 200 pokemon in the Hoenn Pokedex.

How many Pokemon is in the hoenn region?

133 new Pokemon, a total of 200 hundred in the Hoenn Pokedex. 386 total.

What is all the obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

You can look up the pokedex for the hoenn region

How to complete the Hoenn pokedex?

Catch trade n evolve Pokemon.

How do you get Kanto starter in Pokemon emerald?

You have to complete the Hoenn pokedex to get one from Prof. Birch. That includes catching all the Pokemon in there. This is impossible, but you can get a Johto starter if you finish your Hoenn pokedex and show it to professor Birch.

How do you get to Hoenn region after beating red and getting kanto starter Pokemon?

you can't get to hoenn until you complete the pokedex

What Pokemon do you NOT need in emerald to get a johto starter by completing the Hoenn pokedex?

You only need to get all hoenn Pokemon to get johto starter It's a pain! :(

How do you get Pokemon gold starters in Pokemon emerald?

you have to complete the hoenn pokedex and then i think you get to chose 1

What Pokemon are in the national pokedex in Pokemon Black and White?

You find Pokemon from the Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto regeon.

How do you get totodile in Pokemon emarld?

you have to completed the Hoenn pokedex and dr.birch will call you on the pokenav.

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon ruby?

I believe there's 202 in the Hoenn pokedex specifically, and 386 in the national.

How many Pokemon are in Pokemon ruby?

I believe there's 202 in the Hoenn pokedex specifically, and 386 in the national.

What original Pokemon are in Pokemon emerald?

Truthfully, I only know one, chicorita. You get it by completing the hoenn pokedex.