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What Pokemon is number 147 in Pokemon Diamond?

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I'm pretty sure its Mesprit... the pink ledgendary Pokemon

an1mefreak here... indeed.....147 is infact mesprit, but take this into consideration. he will flee on the first chance he gets to bringing a Pokemon that knows mean look or has the ability (arena trap) will come in handy. also what ever damage mesprit takes, when he flees, the next time you see him he will not regain any health to basically he keeps the damage taken. and he's a stuborn one to catch so good luck!!

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What Pokemon is number 147 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond & Pearl's version of the Sinnoh Dex, Pokémon #147 is Mesprit.

What Pokemon is 147 in Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon #147 in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond is Mesprit.

What is the Pokemon 147 in diamond?


What is number 147 in the Pokemon diamond pokedex?

147 is Mesprit and is found in the cave in the middle of Lake Verity after you complete the Spear Pillar.

Where do you find Pokemon numbers 146 147 and 148 in Pokemon diamond?

146 moltres 147 dratini 148 dragonair hope i helped

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What is Pokemon number 114 in Pokemon Diamond?

#114 on Pokemon diamondUNOWN

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What is number 43 in the pokedex on Pokemon Diamond on Pokemon Diamond?

Oddish is the 43rd Pokemon.

Who Pokemon is number 80 in Pokemon Diamond Sinnoh pokedex?

diamond pokedex number 80 is Barboach

What Pokemon is number 46 in Pokemon Diamond?

Number 46 is Paras.

What is Pokemon number 23 in Pokemon Diamond?

it is magicarp ;)

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What Pokemon is number 222 in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon 222 on Pokemon diamond is (CORSOLA) there is Pokemon 222 and you have to gts trade or link trade it to get

Pokemon dimand what is number 139?

In Pokemon diamond number 139 is Milotic.

What are Pokemon 146 147 and 148 in Pokemon diamond?

uxie merspirt and azelf in caverns of the lakes of sinnoh found in the water of the lakes one Pokemon per cavern

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 114 on diamond pokedex?

it is unown you can find them in solaceon runs