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What Pokemon learn thief in Pokemon Diamond?


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Mightyena and oall the pokemon learn using a TM.


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Alakazam, Gengar, KAdabra, sneasel, sandslash and others

many Pokemon can learn thief. i taught it to my bronzong and magnezone

The Pokemon that can learn Thief are listed at this site:

Mightyena Keckleon Poocheyana Lombre learn thief upon leveling..and All the pokemon can learn thief using the TM

Kecleon and Mightyena learn it while leveling up. Almost every other Pokemon can be taught the TM thief.

Kadabra will learn it not sure when.

Yes. Try a Dark-Type Pokemon.

Alakazam Gengar Kadabra sneasel sandslash

chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

Well, starly (or staravia) will eventually learn thief when leveling up. Personally, I I think Thief is a useless move.

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

the Pokemon that can use thief are ralts,lotad,mightyena and other dark and psyic Pokemon i cant think of.

In Pokemon diamond many Pokemon can learn flash for eg. Electric Pokemon such as Pachurisu Pichu and Luxray all (eveloutions) and yeah just experiment and see what can learn flash!

A keckleon in the wild already noes thief.

Go to and check out the attackdex look up thief and it should list all the Pokemon that know it

Mightyena and Kecleon by level up there is so much by TM so ill just list the website

Most dark types or normal types.

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

Clefable cannot learn thief at any level, not even from the TM. However it may use Thief if it knows Metronome, or a similar move.

u can also tell a Pokemon to learn thief this way u don't need to catch paras thief will get it for u. but be warned paras Pokemon body will poison ur Pokemon and thief oni have 10 pp

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