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In sept 28th- nov 8th, shaymin will appear platinum...

i believe arecus will appear before 2010.


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How do you get Oak's letter in Platinum?

You get it in a Pokemon event this summer 2009.

When is the arceus event for Pokemon Platinum?

I think its out on September 13th 2009 which is on a Sunday

Where is the next event for Pokemon platinum?

Rotom Key April 20-may 17 2009 America

When is the next Nintendo event 2009?

it's a Giratina movie/ Pokemon platinum (mascot:Giratina) 8-D

When was the shyamin event for Pokemon SoulSilver?

There was no Shaymin event for Soul Silver, only Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, which ended on November 8th 2009

When is the Darkrai event for Pokemon platinum?

The event is in August 3rd to September 13th 2009 . It will be given by mystery gift. Don't miss out on this great opportunity

How do you find a special key in Pokemon platinum?

Wi-Fi event using mystery gift. Event already been in USA Event in UK/Europe: 8th June 2009 - 19th July 2009

When was platinum discover?

Pokemon platinum was discovered in 2009.

How do you get the member pass on diamond?

The Member Pass was a Nintendo event released in 2009 and unobtainable legitimately at the moment. This event was for Pokemon Platinum, however and seemingly not have been available for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

When will Pokemon Platinum be in stores?

Pokemon Platinum comes out on March 22nd 2009 in the U.S

When will Pokemon Platinum come out?

Pokemon platinum comes out in the US on March 22, 2009

How can I get a Oak's letter in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot get Oak's Letter in Pokémon Platinum without cheating since it's an event-only item. The only Oak's Letter event has already ended but it was active between September 28, 2009 and November 8, 2009.

When exactly is Pokemon Platinum coming out?

English Pokemon platinum comes out in 22nd of may 2009

When will Pokemon Platinum be released in Austraila?

Pokemon platinum comes out in Austraila March 22 2009

When is Pokemon Platinum supposed to come out?

Pokemon Platinum is out in japan and is coming out in 2009 in America and UK

When was the Arceus event in pokemon platinum?

If i can remember it came out sometime in 2009 but awhile back im not 100% sure tho sorry

How do you get missed legit Pokemon events?

Sadly, there is no other way unless another event happens or you cheat your way through it. As far as i know, the Pokemon events for Diamond and Pearl have already passed. Events are occurring at the moment for Platinum version however. The event for Darkrai will last from August 3rd 2009 until September 13th 2009 through Wi-Fi. I have also heard an event for Shaymin will happen once again for Platinum players at Toys-R-Us sometime in mid-October.

What day is Pokemon Platinum coming out in England?

Pokemon Platinum will be coming out in England on July 21, 2009.

How can you get secret key in pokemon platnum?

Check out the Pokemon site http://www.Pokemon.com and click on Pokemon platinum and click on Pokemon then click on the word rotom then it will explain how to get it BEWARE the event ends July 19 2009

How do you get a membership card in Pokemon platinum?

Member Card was an event item that you use to get Darkrai. Was available August 3rd to September 13th, 2009

In Pokemon Platinum is shamin an event?

Yes, Shaymin is an event Pokemon.In order to retrieve it you must have Mystery Gift and Wi-fi.You download Oak's Letter on mystery gift from September 28, 2009 to November 1st, 2009. After this is over you will no longer able to get Shaymin legally.

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