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Q: What Qualities of mufasa as a leader?
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What leader qualities helped the conquistador and early explorers succed in their efforted?

There are a few leader qualities that help the conquistador. The main qualities that showed effort was European.

What are the leadership qualities in public health?

qualities of a public health leader

What would happen if a leader did not have qualities?

If a leader did not have the qualities needed to be a leader then they should have never been assigned the role of the leader. Some people are not assigned leader but just looked at as the leader and when someone is looked up to people typically follow what that person does; so if they do not have the right qualities then most likely the team will not be all that great.

What is Simba's father's name in Disney's The Lion King?

Mufasa, voiced by James Earl Jones, in Disney's 1994 The Lion King.

What is Irene van Dyk leader qualities?

she is a leader because i said so

Does mufasa come back to life?

Yes after when Mufasa died from scar

What are the qualities of a god sports leader?

to have a big willy

Who is the most good leader?

There are certain qualities that make a person a great leader. Some of these qualities includes the ability to delegate, having a sense of humor, confidence, and commitment.

Who killed Mufasa in Disney's The Lion King?

Scar pushed Mufasa into the stampede.

Is Mufasa a word?

No, Mufasa is a proper name that means "King" in the Manazoto language.

How does communication fit in to the qualities a leader should possess?


What qualities make Maximillien Robespierre a leader?

He was a brilliant orator.