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Jupiter Ruler of the Gods. God of Sky, Lightning and Thunder. The son of Saturn and brother of Neptune, Pluto and Juno, who is also his wife. His attribute,The lightning bolt and his Symbol amnd mesenger the eagle. Jupiter was considered the Patron god of Rome, The official place of state business and sacrifices were in his temple.

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Q: What Roman God is related to Lightning?
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Who was the Roman god of rain thunder and lightning?

Jupiter is the same as Zeus and he is the god of the sky and lightning

What planet is roman god of thunder and lightning?


Roman god of lightning?

Jupiter, he was the king of the gods and was also god of the sky.

Who was the Roman god of electricity?

The Roman god of thunderbolts is actually known as the God of the Skies and is called Jupiter. The Greek version is known as Zeus. He is the king of Olympus in Greek Mythology, but I'm not to sure about Roman Mythology.

How does Jove compare to Thor?

Jove in Roman mythology was the god of thunder and lightning, while Thor in Norse mythology is also the god of thunder and lightning.

What is the roman god for hunderbolts?

Jupiter is the Roman god of thunder and lightning. Just like the Greek god Zeus, Jupiter is also the king of all the gods.

Who is the roman god that made the sparks fly?

Vulcan, the blacksmith god. Zeus hurled lightning bolts.

What is the roman god of mars?

Mars is the roman god of war, and is also related to ares greek god of war.

Who made Zeus' lightning bolts?

Hephaestus is the god of fire in greek mythology. The Cyclopes, working in Hephaestus' forge, made the lightning bolts. Vulcan is the god of fire in roman mythology!

What is Roman god Jupiter famous for?

He is famous for his THUNDER NOT LIGHTNING bolts and also the god of all gods and goddessess...... :) i hope this is what you were looking for :)

How were Pluto and its god related?

The dwarf planet Pluto was named after the Roman god of the underworld.

What did the roman god Jupiter represent?

He represents the heavens, the sky, lightning, an eagle, and a bunch of other things that have to do with the sky.