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I have a Remington model 31 in 16ga and i shoot regular low brass shells in it and it does fine, it would depend on the type of game you are hunting. High brass shells are for more power and longer range.

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2011-09-13 12:55:32
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Q: What Shotgun Shells work best with Remington Model 31 low brass or high brass?
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What shotgun shells are reusable?

Any spent plastic shotgun shells (hulls) should be reusable, as long as the brass is re-sized before reloading. Paper isn't recommended, and brass casings are practically non-reloadable.

Are all 3 inch shotgun shells magnum shells?

Yes, they are all high brass and considered magnum loads

What year did Winchester quit manufacturing all brass shotgun shells?

1949... Winchester all brass shells were manufactured from 1879-1949 See more on my blog

When did ammo manufacturers guit making shotgun shells with all brass cases and switch to paper cases?

They never did. Winchester makes a paper shell and they all still make brass shells.

What model is your marlin shotgun latest pat 1896 and serial no13852 It is a 12g pump?

You have a Marlin model 1896 slide action shotgun, however, it is a Blackpowder shotgun and you will need brass hulls.

What are shotgun shells filled with?

Shotgun shells are centerfire but are made up of a paper or plastic cylinder with a brass base or head. The shell is filled with powder followed by a cupped plastic wad filled with birdshot or much larger buckshot.

What type of shells do you need to use for a mossburg 9200?

The Mossberg 9200 can accept 2-3/4 or 3 inch .12 gauge low brass shotgun shells.

Shotgun marked Browning's Patents Oct 9 1900 dec 17 1901 June 16 1903 and serial number 147889 it's made by Remington Arms can anyone tell you anything about it?

It's a Model 11 - made in 1916. Recoil operated with brass friction, lots of info on web do a search on the Remington Model 11.

What color was a shotgun shell in the 1860's?

Shotshells were not created until after the 1860s. First shells were all metal. Later shells had a brass head, and paper body, and could be any of several colors-

What is the value of SW model 1000M shotgun in excellent cond?

Value of WW1 brass knuckles without knife

What is the value of a 1889 Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun It has brass wolves inlaid on stock..don't now if that is original or not?

The value depend on the condition of the shotgun. Have is appraised by a gunsmith or advanced collector. The inlet brass wolves are not original but should not significantly degrade the value if they look well done.

Does the browning b-80 shoot low brass shells or high brass shells?

It will shoot any type it is chambered for.

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