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Q: What Steve Irwin learned about the natural world?
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What were Steve Irwin's Contributions to society?

He opened our eyes in the animal world and helped endangered species make a come back.

How did Steve Irwin help change the world?

raised many fonds to prevent the wildlife in his land, brought education over TV around the world, he lived to TRY to change the world.

How did Steve Irwin contribute to Australian?

Steve Irwin is a bold, brave and passionate man, with a heart as enormous as the sky, and a grin that reaches from ear to ear. He's a classic Australian icon, dedicated father and husband and a world-famous crocodile hunter who deserves to be recognised by Australia and its plentiful people. Over the years, Steve has helped greatly to build Australia's reputation, image and character in a positive light all around the world. He has become a big part in the raising awareness of Australia and wildlife simultaneously, around the world, with his TV series: The Crocodile Hunter. The Crocodile Hunter is televised in over one hundred and forty countries, and seen by five hundred million viewers. The programme has earned over $15 million, plus $1 million dollars in advertising, and $300,000 in merchandise. Steve Irwin, as we all know, is at one with the environment, nature and wildlife. His commitment to the environment has been educational, economic and emotional. In 2004, Irwin invested $40 million in the Australian Zoo and was awarded the Accor Tourism Outstanding Achievement Award. Steven Irwin's contribution to our Australian community and his preservation of wildlife will be with all Australians and the world for years to come.

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Which country is known as the 'natural zoo in the world'?


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Correction Bill Irwin not Steve Irwin played the role of Mr Noodle on Sesame Street's Elmo's World?

And Bill Irwin is correct!

What did Steve Irwin do that is successful?

Steve Irwin had 2 kids, ran one of the most successful zoos in the world passed on to him by his father Bob Irwin, he succesfully bred hundreds of endangered animals and had a tv series which was viewed all over the world.

Major accomplishments of Steve Irwin and how they changed the world?

eve irwin donated 1 million dollars to charity

Who is world famous personality died because of ray fish?

Steve Irwin

Why do people want to meet Steve Irwin?

People want to meet Steve Irwin because he is famous. He had a great love for animals and wanted to teach the world about it, even if it meant he was risking his life

How did Steve Irwin beliefs shape or contribute to their achievements?

Steve Irwin did so much to build Australia's reputation and image in a positive way around the world. In many ways he was the face of Australia and one of our best known exports, In addition to being a great export success, Steve Irwin has invested in Australia's natural assets; particularly our wildlife. Steve's commitment to the environment has been economic as well as educational. In 2004 Steve invested $$O million dollars in the Australia Zoo and was awarded the Accor Tourism Outstanding Achievement Award at the Australian Export Awards in the same year. Steve's commitment to eco-tourism and wildlife preservation makes him one of Australia's famous tourism exporters. Australia Zoo is also one of our most successful eco-tourism companies. Steve Irwin contribution to Australia's unique natural environment and the preservation of wildlife will be remembered by Australia and the world for many years to come.

What was Steve Irwin's political view?

Steve Irwin was a dirty Torrie. He once stated that John Howard was the greatest leader in the world. His wife is a complete money hungry skank, who prostitutes her children's lives for the almighty dollar

Was Steve Irwin's favorite word Crikey?

No. "Crikey" was simply his way of expressing his wonder in and appreciation of the world.

What were Steve Irwin's Contributions to society?

He opened our eyes in the animal world and helped endangered species make a come back.

How and why did Steve Irwin become famous?

1. Steve Irwin is famous because he has his own TV show the crocodile hunter and is very brave to be in the wild.2. Steve Irwin was also famous for his love to the animal and his want of teaching the world about them.

Is Steve Irwin a hero or a villain?

Steve Irwin is a well known hero to the world. He helped many sick and distraught animals in need of care and help. He risked his life everyday in order to help the animals and he never harmed an animal. He raised heaps of money and he started from scratch,with his family by his side he did what he to do and much much more. Steve Irwin had taught many people so much including his family and the rest of the world. RIP Steve

How do you become a animal ecspert and go all arawnde the world like Steve Irwin?

First of all you get a good education and learn how to spell.