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Cultural reference

Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided.Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (March 2009) * The 5th Dimension recording was used in the film Born on the Fourth of July. * Fred Norris of The Howard Stern Show uses a sitar-only cover of this song when discussing or introducing a guest of South Asian heritage. * In various forms, this song was used as an advertising jingle by two defunct airlines: Trans World Airlines in the U.S., and Trans Australia Airlines. * Brian W. Aldiss refers to the song in his short science-fiction story "Near Earth Object". * Is used in the episode "9 Lives" of the television show Psych. * This song is used as Alan Harper's ringtone on Two and a Half Men. * Homer Simpson sings his own parody of this song in an episode the episode of The Simpsons where Homer thinks he has won a free motor boat from the Springfield police. * Lyrics of this song recurrently occur in The Prodigy's song, Hotride

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What television show used Stuck in the Middle With You as its theme song?

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, the song was used as a theme song, but its not a television show.

What is the theme song for the TV show Outsourced?

the song was made for the show

What is the theme song called on the TV show the Tudors?

The theme song from the TV show The Tudors is called Lacrymosa. It is performed by Evanescence, and it won an award for best TV theme in 2007.

Was Primrose Lane the theme song for a TV show in the '70s?

Yes. It was the theme song of the TV show The Smith Family in 1971.

What tv show has theme song Who are you?

Who Are You by the Who is the theme song for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

What show is the song the entertainer the theme song?

It was associated with the Movie ( the Sting) which was not a TV show.

What is the only show on TV that does not have a theme song?

I'm pretty sure that Lost does not have a theme song.

What is the theme song to the tv show alphas?

Theme song from the show Alphas on Syfy. Song: Alphas Theme Song Singer: Peter Luke Adams Composer: Erik Kertes

What song by Merle Haggard was the theme song of a TV show?

Movin On

What is the theme song for shake it up the tv show?

The theme song is called Shake It Up just like the show. TV, Disney's princess Selena Gomez lent her voice too the producers of Shake It Up and sang the theme song of the hit TV. show. Gomez also helped produce, conduct, write, and sing the theme song.

What is the theme song to the TV show Highlander?

The theme song in both the motion picture franchise & the television series was "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen.

What TV show was the song Time of your life the theme song?

Seinfeld finale.

Which television-show had birdland as a theme-song?

Magnum pi

Who sang the song for the tv show bones?

The theme song is by The Crystal Method

What TV show had as its theme song Comedy Tonight?

The Keith Precell show

What is JBL's theme song?

sounds similar to the theme song for the 50's TV show, The Big Valley

Who sings the theme song for the Saving Grace tv show?

Everlast sings the theme song to Saving Grace.

What is the name of the Community TV show theme song?

The theme is "At Least It Was Here" by The 88.

Who sang the theme song to the TV show Friends?

the rembrandts

What was the theme song for the TV show Friends?

I'll be there for you by the Rembrandts

What was the theme song for Nick Lachey's TV show?

This I Swear

The Rembrandts sang a Theme song for which TV show?


What tv show had taking it to the street as its theme song?

The AFL Footy Show (Australia) had a segment called, 'Street Talk'. This song was the theme for that segment.

What is The song boondocks?

The theme song to the TV show The Boondocks is called "Judo Flip."

What tv show had Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows as it's theme song?

The name of the show that had "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" as it's theme song was called "Vacation Time" on CBC TV in 1967.