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a trojan is a horse or computer virus that looks like a good thing but is not. a trojan is just and old horse.

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Q: What Trojan does?
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Which city was the Trojan Horse in?

The Trojan horse was pulled into Troy, hence 'Trojan'.

How do you delete Trojan file?

The best and safe method to delete Trojan file is to using the Trojan removal tool. The Trojan removal tool can detect and automatically delete any dangerous Trojan files.

What is a Trojan removal?

Trojan removal mainly related to removal of malware. For removing Trojan horse, Virus, worm use Trojan removal software.

What is the poem that is about Trojan war?


What are the types of Trojan horse virus?

There aren't types of Trojan Horse virus. A Trojan Horse is a type of virus.

How do you make a Trojan virus through java?

'you need a Trojan horse to create a Trojan virus' LOL , Trojan Horse itself is a Virus !

Why was the Trojan Horse useful?

The Trojan Horse was a very successful distraction to allow the Greeks to infiltrate the town of Troy. The Trojan Horse was used during the Trojan war.

What is the difference between Trojan and Trojan-enz condoms?

Trojan-enz are Trojans normal lubricated condom.

The Iliad is about what?

The Trojan War and the Trojan Horse

How did Alexander the great get into the Trojan war?

Sorry, Alexander was never in the Trojan War. That came far before his time. The Trojan war was between the Trojan and Mycenea... Alexander was Macedonian.

Explain how the following sayings are connected to the Trojan Warbeware Greeks bearing gifts-Trojan Horse?

The Greeks tricked the Trojan's during the Trojan War by making the Trojan horse and hiding inside till everyone was sleeping. Then they jumped out and took the city.

Where did the word Trojan come from?

A Trojan is a person of Troy, as in Helen of Troy who led the Trojans to war in a (Trojan) horse

What type Trojan condoms do guys like?

Theres alot of Condoms made by Trojan that guys like. I like Trojan Ultra Thin, Warm Sensations, Ecstasy, Her Pleasure is even good! Pretty much any Trojan condom is good for both his and her pleasure. Trojan ecstacy or Trojan ultra ?

What are the 5 computer viruses?

W32/AutoIt Trojan and its variants VirusW32/Delf Downloader Trojan and its variants VirusW32/OnLineGames Password Stealer Trojan and its variants VirusW32/Agent Dropper Trojan and its variants W32/Agent.ENU.Dropper is a Trojan. The Trojan will infect Windows systems. VirusW32/Peacomm Trojan and its variants

Was there really a Trojan horse?

yes there was a Trojan Horse.

What war was the Trojan Horse part of?

The Trojan War

Who were the participants of the Trojan war?

the participants were rome and trojan

Was the Trojan war a surprise?

The Trojan War was a surprise.

What brand of condoms are better Trojan or Durex?


Was there ever a Trojan horse in the Trojan war?

yes there was.

Who was sirion in the Trojan war?

There was no Sirion in the Trojan War.

What is the famous symbol of the Trojan war?

Trojan Horse

What war was the Trojan horse built?

The Trojan War.

What Trojan escaped the Trojan War and who helped him?


How Trojan lost power?

how trojan lost his power