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Thomas Jefferson is responsible for the existence and the design of the University of Virginia. He was a heck of a guy.

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Q: What US President founded a university and designed its buildings?
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What president founded a university?

Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.

Who founded the university of Virginia?

President Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.

What dd Thomas Jefferson do after he was president?

He went home to his plantation in Virginia. He also founded the University of Virginia and designed the camps.

Was Saint Katherine Drexel ever President of Xavier University of Louisiana which she founded?

Her father founded the Drexel University, not Xavier and, no, she was never president.

Which president founded the university of Virginia?

Thomas Jefferson

Who was the president who founded the state university of Virginia?

The founder of the University of VA, who later was elected President of the US was Thomas Jefferson.

Which President is responsible for the building of the University of Virginia?

The University of Virginia was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson.

Who founded BU Academy?

BU Academy was founded in 1993 under the direction of John Silber, then President of Boston University, and the University Board of Trustees.

What college did Thomas Jefferson create?

He founded the University of Virgina after he was President.

What did Thomas Jefferson do after presidency?

After he was President, Jefferson retired to his plantation in Virginia. He wrote a lot of letters . He founded the University of Virginia. He designed the buildings, supervised their construction, chose the faculty and planned the curriculum. He served as rector once classes began. He also worked at building his second home, Popular forest, and planning the landscaping and plantings as well as the building itself.

Who founded Michigan university?

The Rev. John Monteith was one of the university's founders and its first President

When was Notre Dame university founded?

The University was founded in 1842.

When was the University of Alabama founded?

The University of Alabama was founded in the year of 1831.

Who founded The University of Texas?

Jacob Harvey founded The University of Texas.

When was Lincoln University founded?

Lincoln University ws founded in 1854

When was the first university founded?

The first ever actual university was the University of Bologna, founded in 1088

Why was clemson university founded?

Clemson University was founded because there was no good university in South Carolina.

When was California Baptist University founded?

California Baptist University was founded in 1950.

When was Illinois State University founded?

Illinois State University was founded in 1857.

What university did president Jefferson help design?

In 1819 President Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. Jefferson was the principal designer of the University grounds. Its innovative design was an expression of his aspirations for both state-sponsored education and an agrarian democracy in the new Republic.

Who founded computer?

Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC), the world's first general purpose computer. Designed by a professor at University of Pennsylvania

When was university of michigan founded?

The University of Michigan was founded in 1817 The University of Michigan was founded in 1817. It was considered one of the first public universities ever made.

Who founded the American Psychological Association?

The American Psychological Association was founded in July 1892. The APA was founded in July 1892 at Clark University by a group of 26 men. Its first president wasG. Stanley Hall.

Who founded the university of Michigan?

John Amous was the person who founded the University of Michigan in 1817

When was Princeton University founded?

Princeton University was founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746.