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Franklin Roosevelt probably had the most influence because he was president longer than any other president and had large majorities of his party in Congress much of the time and so could push programs through. He also served during a great depression and great war and so people looked to leadership from the president more than they might in more stable times. ( I do not mean to imply that his influence was a good thing.)

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Q: What US president has been the most influential?
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That would be the President or the Secretary of State.

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The White House is the home of the US president. It does not have members as such. The president is very influential because he runs the executive branch of government, approves or disapproves legislation, commands all military forces, serves as the head of state, leads his party and is arguably the most powerful person in the US. All persons who have access to the president gain influence from that access.

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George Washington, because he was so important in founding the republic and then, as president, established with his every deed the precedent that our government still follows today. Generally historians consider the following 10 presidents (in no order) the most influential -- 1. Washington 2. Adams 3. Jefferson 4. Jackson 5. Lincoln 6. Roosevelt (Theodore) 7. Wilson 8. Roosevelt (Franklin) 9. Johnson (Lyndon) 10. Reagan

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