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Q: What Under Pennsylvania law a competent observer must be on board when a person is being towed behind a vessel. Which of these describes a competent observer?
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The Doppler effect says that if v0 is greater then vs then an observer will hear a higher pitch in front of source does that mean if vs is greater v0 an observer will hear a higher pitch BEHIND source?

Yes. vs > v0 and you're behind the source means you're catching up to it. Only the relative motion matters for the Doppler effect. Even though you're behind the source and it's moving away from you in absolute terms, you're moving toward it in relative terms.

An observer stands 26m behind a marksman practicing at a rifle range The marksman fires the rifle horizontally the speed of the bullet is 790 ms air temperature is 20C How far does each rilfe travel?

There is only one rifle described in the question and it travels 0 m. nice try. The whole question is shown below: An observer stands 26 m behind a marksman practicing at a rifle range. The marksman fires the rifle horizontally, the speed of the bullets is 790 m/s, and the air temperature is 20°C. How far does each bullet travel before the observer hears the report of the rifle? Assume that the bullets encounter no obstacles during this interval, and ignore both air resistance and the vertical component of the bullets' motion.

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i need to know the science behind hair straighteners.

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How does the frequency measured in front of the source appear to the observer compared to the frequency measured from behind?

The frequencies are the same, unless the source is moving relative to the observer.

Does the Doppler Effect mean that an observer ahead of a train hears the train at a higher frequency sound than an observer behind the train?

Yes that is the case.

What is legal when towing a person on water skis or similar device behind a vessel?

being towed behind a PWC with an operator and an observer on board

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What is required when a skier is being towed behind a motorboat or PWC?

an observer or a wide-angle rearview mirror

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How to calculate apparent frequency the source is ahead and observer is behind both moving the same direction?

The apparent frequency does not depend on who is in front.

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