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The best option would be to call insurance companies and inquire about their disability policies, and see if your disability is qualified in said policy. Insurance companies may differ by preference and policy, so contact your insurance providers for more details.

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2012-12-24 00:00:21
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Q: What Virginia car insurance for disabled drivers is the cheapest?
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Does any Virginia car insurance offer benefits for disabled drivers?

I found this website that you can go to get more info on what Virginia has to offer when it comes to those with disabilities.

What is the cheapest available car insurance for disabled drivers in Ohio?

Geico auto insurance and State farm insurance are both strongly recommended insurance policies for you. She will be in the best care with them and you wont have to worry about whether her life is in good hands or not.

Where could a person find opinions on the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

Opinions on the cheapest car insurance for young drivers can be found at Insurance Review Centre, Money, Cover Box, 4Young Drivers, and Captain Compare.

Many people has disabled drivers what are some of the car insurance companies available?

Yes Allstate Insurance company does offer insurance for disabled drivers in Florida. You can call their eight hundred number or check out their website at

Is there any insurance company in new jersey specifically for disabled drivers ?

While there seem to be no specific programs for New Jersey disabled drivers, insurance companies often offer special plans for disabled or elderly drivers. There are also benefits for elderly or disabled drivers that don't necessarily pertain to insurance. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services' Special Benefits Program for the Aged and Disabled, for example, offers discounts on car registration.

Who has the cheapest liability car insurance for teen drivers in America?

Check with your local insurance agent.

What insurance companies in Texas offer the cheapest rates to teen drivers?

The best place to buy car insurance for teen drivers is AAA. This website explains why it's the cheapest:

Who has the cheapest liability car insurance for teen drivers for Texas?

Check with your local insurance agent in Texas.

Can you get non-driver insurance if you are disabled?

Yes you can if you do not have a drivers license. You will need to list as drivers anyone who is going to drive you about.

How do I get quotes for FL disabled drivers if they want car insurance?

The best place to find information about car insurance for the disabled is the DMV website for Florida:

Are there car insurance offered in Virginia for new drivers?

There are many car insurance companies that offer insurance for new drivers in Virginia. You should try to shop around for the best rates if you want to save money.

What are some good disabled driver car insurance companies to sign up with?

There are many good insurance companies that offer great plans and discounts for disabled drivers provided that they have good records. Check out Triple A insurance, for one.

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