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Professional x64

There is no particular edition suited for gaming. Both the Home Edition and the Professional Edition offer the same features and performance in relation to games.

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Are Apple laptop computers compatible with gaming software?

Apple laptop computers are compatible with gaming software. There are many many more titles of games available for Windows computers though. Apple computers do get a lot of games but some of them come out later for Mac than Windows. Also, the more cutting edge games are more well suited to be ran on a Windows computer.

Are Macs or Gateway laptops better for gaming?

Many people prefer Microsoft Windows computers to Macs for gaming, and Gateway laptops run Windows. Make sure you install high-quality video cards and update your computer to the newest version of Windows for optimal gaming.

Which Computer Would Be Best For Gaming?

If you are talking about a laptop, then I suggest MSI. If you want a prebuilt go Digital Storm

Which computer is the best for gaming?

There are many good computers good for gaming. For example, Alienware computers are excellent for gaming and so are CyberpowerPC computers that are on sale online.

What companies sell gaming computers?

Gaming computers can be built by the user for a rather cheap amount but some companies will sell you computers that are already built and will be ideal for gaming. One of the best companies that sells gaming computers is Alien Ware.

Which companies sell custom gaming computers?

Custom gaming computers can be found through individual sellers on eBay and Amazon. They can also be found through sites like EliteX Gaming and Gaming Computers.

Where can one get a gaming computer?

There are many options for computers these days. There are basic computers and there are gaming computers. One company that is well know is DELL. They have additional options that can be added on to their computers that will increase the functionability of their computer to make it more compatible for gaming.

What is the best gaming computer on the market?

A online review site has listed the top ten gaming computers. Their top recommendations include the Cyberpower PC Black Pearl, Digital Storm's Hailstorm model, Velocity Raptor's Signature Edition.

What age group uses gaming computers the most?

Gaming computers are used by people of all ages. The main age group to use the gaming computers are a younger group, including people in their 20s and 30s.

Are Apple Macs better than Windows computers?

That depends on personal preference and usage case. While most people would use Windows for gaming and multipurpose use, people who use Macintosh computers typically are professionals in the creative arts industries.

Where to buy gaming computers that are local?

Well, walmart has several computers that aren't gaming computers, but the specs on them are basically the same, as a gaming computer would be minus the graphics card. You can replace those, so check with walmart.

Which one is the best computer for gaming?

There are many different computers that you can use for gaming. One of the best computers is the Dell computer. It has always been the best computer used for gaming.

Do gaming computers have wifi?


Who makes the best tower cases for gaming computers?

Antec and Raidmax make very highly recommended cases for gaming computers.

What are the top gaming computers on the market today?

Dell and Alien Ware make the top gaming computers on the market today. These computers are designed with hard core gamers in mind.

What is better for gaming windows 7 or windows xp?

Either operating system will do just fine. What you need to be sure of is your computers hard ware. It needs to have a good processor, good amount of RAM, but most of all, a great video card and a great graphics card in order to get better gaming.

Are desktop computers better for gaming?

I believe they are. Desktop computers have more video gaming capabilities. They have more Ram and Hard drive to allow for the intense consumption of resources that gaming takes on a PC

What are some makes of cheap gaming computers?

A lot of big electronic companies make cheap gaming computers. Samsung and Sony do. Other companies who don't have expensive electronics and also sell cheap gaming computers are for example Asus and Acer.

What is Windows 7 Home edition?

a smaller computer with only some of the best features of the ultimate version. Suitable for home use like gaming and word processing

How do you connect two PCs running Windows 7 for gaming?

List of different ways to connect two Windows 7 computers in preferred order for Gaming:Cable through Router. (online or not)WiFi through router. (online or not)Cable through Switch.Crossed Cable. (see related link)It's not advised to try Blue-tooth or DLNA for gaming.

Are gaming computers good for video editing?

ya gaming computers are good for video editing but u also need 3d accelerator card.

what are the best gaming laptops?

Laptops are great for gaming. Most of the major brands of computers have gaming computers. They include Toshiba, Apple, and Dell. Make sure they have good RAM and you have a good internet connection.

What is the purpose of using a gaming desktop personal computer?

Gaming desktop personal computers are used mainly for online gaming against other people around the world. These computers have the necessary attributes to allow the gaming to occur faster and more efficiently.

Will Windows 8 be suitable for gaming?

Yes, but It also depends on the type of processor you have for gaming. It will function almost the same exact way as Windows 7 for gaming but it will take time to adapt to it.

Which version of windows xp must be installed on a system that is using the Intel itanium processor and why?

Windows XP Professional x64, used to be called (windows XP 64-bit edition) reason The OS is used for high-end gaming computers using AMD processors, for servers, or for heavily technical workstations that run scientific and engineering applications and need greater amounts of memory and higher performance that standard desktop PCs.

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