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The Battle of Midway Island. Japanese and American naval forces had a fierce 3-day battle around this Pacific island northwest of Hawaii. The Americans won a resounding victory, sinking four Japanese aircraft carriers while losing one (the USS Yorktown). The battle was the first in which the opposing fleets never sighted one another -- all combat was by bombers and torpedo planes launched from carriers. The Japanese had hoped to finish off the American Pacific fleet after their successful attack at Pearl Harbor. Instead, they suffered a disastrous loss that put them on the defensive for the rest of the war. The battle is probably the most important naval victory in American history.


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Q: What World War 2 battle happened in June of 1942?
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What happened in June 1942?

the battle of Midway: decisive victory for the USA.

What happened in 1942 during the world war 2?

This was a WORLD war with fighting everywhere in 1942. From an American perspective, the most significant event was probably the Battle of Midway in June of that year.

What was the scene of the battle of world war on June 3 1942?

the battle of midway island

When the battle of midway occur?

Battle of Midway, 4th June 1942 - 7th June 7 1942

When did Battle of Midway happen?

June of 1942

What battle in the pacific in June 1942 was the tuning point of World War 2?

The Battle of Midway was the turning point in the pacific for the US.

What happened on June 6 1944 that change the course of world war 2?

D-Day and it didnt change the course of ww2 it was the Battle of stalingrad on Monday 23rd August 1942

What naval battle took place in June 1942?

The Battle of Midway.

Which World War 2 battle wasn't when the Americans sunk four Japanese aircraft carriers?

The Battle of Midway, on June 4, 1942.

When was the Battle of Midway?

AnswerJune 4-7, 1942

When did the Battle of Midway end?

June 7, 1942.

When did the Battle of Midway start?

June 4, 1942

What year was the Battle of Midway fought?

June 1942

When did the Battle of Midway ended?

June 7th 1942

What battle after June 1942 did the u.s began to gain the initiative in the pacific?

The battle of Midway.

How long did the Battle of Midway island last?

June 4-June 7, 1942

In what month and year did the Battle of Midway occur?

June 1942

What was the date of Battle of Midway?

June 4-7, 1942

Which central pacific battle in June 1942 broke the back of the Japanese navy?

The Battle of Midway .

When did the Battle of Midway occur?

Between 4 and 7 June 1942.

When did the us win the Battle of Midway?

June 2nd - 6th, 1942

When did the Battle of Midway start and end?

4-7 June 1942 .

What year did Midway start?

The battle of Midway was fought in June, 1942.

When was the American victory at Battle of Midway?

4-7 June 1942.

What year did the Battle of Midway happen?

4-6 June 1942.