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What a birds pray?

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Birds of Prey hunt and eat other animals. They are also known by the term as raptors. Such birds include eagles, hawks and falcons.

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What best describes eagles that is birds of prey and birds of heaven?

bird of pray

How do bobcats eat birds?

They attack there pray

Do birds have feet?

To walk around and catch pray

What do parrots do when they are flying?

when it rains , birds fly to their nests. But normally birds just look for pray and look out for predators.

What animals do snakes pray on?

mice and rodents and sometimes small birds

Is a pigeon a predatator?

No, a pigeon is not a predator .It is rather he, who is hunted by the pray birds.

Is the water snake reptile of pray?

yes, all snakes are pray to other animals, birds for example all snakes also pray on other animals. snakes are carnivores.

What animals eat ants?

bats,birds,and other insect such as pray mantis

What does a flock of black bird flying over top?

a dead animal or circling there pray the birds are scavengers.

What are some example of segmented worm?

Crocidles and aligators and birds becaus they are all alive and eay there pray.

How do birds hunt for pray?

They land, they tap their feet on the ground, and they wait for worms to come up from the soil.

What type of enemies do rabbits have?

pray birds eat rabbits,snakes,foxes,weasels wolvesand i think more

How do lady birds eat?

They eat by sneaking up on its pray then opening its mouth closing it over the food then chewing !

What do bob cats pray on?

Bobcats prey on rodents, birds, small reptiles, even some insect life.

Are sea turtles hunters or preys?

sea turtles are hunters of kelp and pray of sharks, birds, and carnivorous fish.

How do birds catch their pray?

birds catch their pray in three ways 1. the wait purched somewhere high up until the prey had been sighted 2.then it waits for the right time to spring out and swoops down in a swift movement to colect the prey brings the prey back to its nest before eating

What makes birds different from other animals?

Not only do birds fly but they don't have teeth they only have beaks. Also birds are the only animal that i know that feed there young from there mouths. another thing that makes birds different is that they have predators and pray, they can eat each other like the hark eats baby birds sometimes like blue birds as well as other things. birds are the only animals that have wings and feathers.

What is cats pray?

well mice on birds my cat toothpick caught one!(a mouse)also they may go for rats and hamsters

What food does the viper snake eat?

The viper snakes food is small mammals, lizards and small birds. They are very quick in capturing the pray.

What is a green iguana's enemies?

GREEN Iguanas have a whole host of predators that prey on them. Baby iguanas are pray for jungle cats, birds, turtles and even large fish. Large iguanas are pray for boa constrictors, caimans, hawks and eagles.

What is the Latin word for pray?

vovere- to pray vovero- i pray voveres- you pray voveret- he/she/it prays voveremus- we pray voveritis- you(plural) pray voverent- they pray

What do birds and alligators have in common?

birds and alligators have in common are: they both eat fish, hurt people, they both catch each others pray by their hands and the both eat with their mouth because they both have (long beaks ) . hope that answer your question.

What is the hook of the eagles beak used for?

The hooked beak is seen only in predatorial birds such as a falcon or your eagle. it is used to easily slide and lock into their pray

How do you touch an angel?

pray, pray, pray

Do judasim people pray?

yes they so pray they pray for everything that they can pray for

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