What a vagina look like?

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Q: What a vagina look like?
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What does a vachina look like?

what does a vagina look like

What does a recently penetrated vagina look like?

A vagina with a little blood

What does a little girls vagina look like?

it looks like a normal vagina but slightly smaller with no hair.

What does a woman's vagina look like on the inside?

== ==

What do ripe pecans look like?

Pecans look like the outside of a women's Vagina!

How does it look when a vagina and a penice look like when they are connected?

Snatch trash

What do pimples on your vagina look like?

There are no pimples on a vagina but on the vagina flaps or just the outer part there can be ingrown hair which is commonly mistaken for vagina pimples.

What do guys like a vagina to look like?

They dont care, because they all look great.

What does your vagina look like if you have chlamydia?

The vagina does not look any different in most women with chlamydia. There may be a slightly yellow discharge.

What does your vagina look like after sex for the first time?

Your vagina would look exactly the same as it did before sex the first time.

What does a 'dog' vagina look like?

why would you ask that that's beastiality

What is a vagina look like on the outside?

A vagina looks like a v. It is hairy and not smelly. Boys stick their penis in the middle.

What does poison ivy look like on your vagina?

white crusty crap all over and in your vagina

What does a young girls vagina look like?


What does the femur bone look like?

My Mums vagina.

What do girls from 6 to 15 vagina look like?

The overall structure of the vagina doesn't change, it will look essentially the same. The only difference is if the girl has gone through puberty or not, if not then it will be hairless, if she has gone through puberty then it will look like any other vagina.

When you are nine months pregnant what does your vagina look like?

Like sleeve of wizard.

What does awomens vagina look like?

like a soggy bunched up flower

What does your vagina feel and looks like from inside your body?

it look like your face

What does a peanes and a vagina look like sexing?

ha gay

What does a girls vagina look like after her hymen is broken?

The hymen is on the inside, not the outside, so there is no "look" to the vagina. Nothing that you or anyone else can see changes.

What does a female horse's vagina look like?

The vagina of a mare merely looks like a long cylindrical tube that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The vagina itself is around 24 inches long.

What does a 60 year old vagina look like?

Like a wrinkly prune with a slit :)

How do you make a boy look like he has a vagina?

with a really expensive operation.

What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

Same as an adult womans.