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What abdominal organ could cause blood not to clot?



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The liver. According to this website: "The liver manufactures most of the clotting factors that the body uses to stop bleeding. The time it takes to produce a clot, called the prothrombin time (PT), generally runs from nine to eleven seconds. Vitamin K is an important factor in the blood clotting process. If the liver is very seriously damaged or if a vitamin K deficiency is present (as sometimes occurs in cholestatic liver diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis), the PT will run much longer than normal, thereby increasing the risk of excessive bleeding. In some cases, injections of vitamin K can help the PT return to normal. Improvement of the PT with a vitamin K injection indicates that the liver is still functioning. When the PT does not normalize after a vitamin K injection, a condition known as a coagulopathy (a tendency to bleed excessively), severe liver damage, and/or liver failure may exist. To adjust for variation among laboratories in calibrating the PT, the international ratio (INR) is often used. However, additional research is needed before the INR can be applied to people with liver disease."