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they can rule other people for no reason

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What if your boss is a good manager?

We expect bosses to be good managers; that's what they DO. The worst bosses are people who have neither good technical skills nor any management ability.

How do you control a mini boss in Kirby squeak squad?

I assume you mean control with the Ghost ability. You cannot control Bosses or Mini-bosses with Ghost. Only regular enemies.

The rise of political machines in the late 19th century depended on what?

the ability of party bosses to reward supporters

When was Bosses Will Be Bosses created?

Bosses Will Be Bosses was created on 1999-09-07.

Do bosses fire employee's with Asperger syndrome?

If someone has Asperger's syndrome, bosses need to have patience on them. They might get fired but if the Aspe has questions or needs something explained to them bosses should not fire them because many people w/ Asperger's are very smart, but they have the ability to focus on certain things.

What is the possessive form for bosses?

The possessive form for the plural noun bosses is bosses'.Example: The bosses' meeting is at ten.

How many bosses are in Sonic Adventure 2?

Hero = 8 bosses, Dark = 8 bosses, Last = 2 bosses so 18 bosses in total.

What is the possessive form of of bosses?

The possessive form of the plural noun bosses is bosses'.Example: The bosses' meeting is scheduled at ten.

How do you spell bosses with an apostrophe?


How many bosses are there in Zelda twilight princess?

There are 15 bosses, that includes both mini bosses, main bosses, Zant and Ganondorf.

Who are sandy's bosses?

Sandy's bosses are chimpanzees.

How do you spell bosses?

The plural of boss is bosses.

Is bosses a noun?

If it is used meaning 'manager' then in its plural form "bosses" is indeed a noun. As in 'The bosses gathered in the meeting room'. However if it is used thus: 'His wife bosses him around' then in this usage "bosses" is a verb.

Who is the patron saint of bosses?

There is no patron saint of bosses.

What are the bosses you can play as in ssbb?

You can not play as bosses unfortunately on SSBB

What types of animals are sandys bosses?

Sandy's bosses are monkeys

What are Irish mob bosses called?

jsut called bosses

Who are the bosses in team galactic?

The bosses I only know is Cyrus

When was Boss of Bosses created?

Boss of Bosses was created in 2001.

What is the collective noun for a group of bosses?

There is no standard collective noun for bosses, in which case any noun suitable for the situation can be used, for example, a contingent of bosses, a batch of bosses, a mob of bosses. I'm sure that there are any number of collective nouns used for bosses over the years, most of which may be unsuitable for printing here.

Who are the secret bosses in kindom hearts 2?

There are no secret bosses. What you see is what you get.

What is the plural of 2 bosses?

bosses is already plural from the word "boss"

I have More than one boss is it boss' or bosses?

it will be bosses

What is the duration of Horrible Bosses?

The duration of Horrible Bosses is 1.63 hours.

How many bosses are in ocarina of time?

There 11 bosses in total. (Including the White Wolfos from the Ice Cavern and Ganon and Ganondorf as separate bosses)