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If you are a girl, it will hurt and you will bleed. <---fALSE.

If you ride horses, it wont be too bad, nor will it bleed.

It only hurts for a few seconds anyway

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Who is the first particle enter the earth at first time?

Who is the first particle enter the erath at first time?"

How do you say first time in German?

Zum ersten Mal = for the first time das erste Mal = the first time

Does sex hert the first time and will it hert every time?

no it doesn't every time. It feels good.. the first few seconds of the first time can be uncomfortable

What grants are available for first time buyers?

There are many grants that will help first time buyers. They begin with first time home buyers, even go to first time pool buyers.

First time performance?

There are many first time performances in the world. These first time performances are very special in an artists life.

When was the first time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissed?

The first time? There was no first time. maybe 2 years ago?

When do you need to get a pap smear for the first time?

Usually after your first period or after the first time you have sex.

Who made shoe the first time?

who made shoe at the first time

When was the first time Washington surrendered?

when were the first time Washington had celerbrated

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Yes, it is possible to get pregnant the first time.

What is another word for first time event?

first time event

What is the duration of First Time Out?

The duration of First Time Out is 1800.0 seconds.

I am a first time buyer and need assistance with a $3600.00 first time grant. How do I apply and how long does it take?

I am a first time buyer and need assistance with $3600.00 first time grant. How do I apply and how long does it take?

Who invented the mobile for the first time?


Is Sex after long time like first time?

No, your first time will stay with you forever. No matter how many times you have sex in your life your very first time will stay special.

How much time has gone by between the time on the first and second clocks?

All about Time

Who divided the atom for the first time?

Enrico Fermi divided it for the first time!

When your kissing for the first time is it weird?

When your kissing someone for the first time is it awkard?

What is a first time offender?

This is when a person has done something illegal for the first time.

Should a girl get checked after her first time?

first time skiing ey?

Who invented pants for the first time?

pants was invented in Persia for the first time.

What time did Mesopotamia first end?

first time Mesopotamia ends is in 1900ce

When was the first time Indiana Jones?

I'm not sure of your question...first time for what?

Who invented the first time capsule?

Dr. Thornwell Jacobs was the inventor of the first time capsule. He made the first time capsule in the year of 8113.

When was chocolate produced for the first time in America?

Chocolate was first produced for the first time in America in the 1600's.