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What act removed the Indians from their land?


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The Indian Removal Act

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Andrew Jackson had the Cherokee Indians removed from their land. Many people saw this as an act that he should be condemned for.

Yes, on the Indian Removal Act. Jackson said that the Indians should be removed to prevent any possible conflicts, and Marshall said that the Indians are on their own land, and no one can go on it.

Because Andrew Jackson wanted more land. He used the Indian Removal Act to kick the Indians off their land. Andrew Jackson made a lot of treaties to the Indians

The Trail of Tears was the event in which various Indians were removed from their land into Indian Territory.

Some settlers (also called pioneers) acquired land legally, through land grants, such as the Homestead Act, and through legal purchases of newly acquired territories. But unfortunately, there were also cases where prospective settlers who wanted certain land found that it was already inhabited by native people (then called "Indians"), so they took it over by force, by defeating the Indians in battle; or they advocated for government policies that removed the Indians and gave the land to the pioneers.

The intent of the Dawes Act of 1887, or the General Allotment Act, was to break up the tribes and stimulate assimilation of Indians into American society. Tribal land was to be divided into allotments for individual ownership of the land and to make independent farmers out of the Indians. Any excess land was to be opened up for settlement.

The purpose of the Indian Removal Act was to take the Indians to the land west of the Mississippi River.

Native Americans were removed from their lands beginning in 1492 through today, even today the Federal Government removes land rights from Natives (despite any claim otherwise).

The Dawes Act was adopted in 1887. It was designed to allow for government surveying of Indian land. The land was then divided up into parcels for individual Indians. Those accepting the land and willing to live away from the tribe were granted US citizenship. The objective of the Dawes Act was to "stimulate assimilation of Indians into mainstream American society."

yes, because the Indians land were taken away harshly, it led to the Indians leaving the land disapointed. (left in tears)

The Dawes Act was created in Massachusetts. The Dawes Act, adopted by Congress in 1887, authorized the President of the United States to survey Indian tribal land and divide the land into allotments for individual Indians. The Act was named for its sponsor, Senator Henry L. Dawes of Massachusetts. The Dawes Act was amended in 1891 and again in 1906 by the Burke Act. The stated objective of the Dawes Act was to stimulate assimilation of Indians into American society. Individual ownership of land was seen as an essential step. The act also provided that the government would purchase Indian land excess to that needed for allotment and open it up for settlement by non-Indians.

Indians had to be removed because they wouldn't have allowed the french or Britain settle there and take their land which the British needed to settle and to start a new colonial

Destroy traditional Native American life --APEX

Moved Indians tribes to permanent reservation and gave each 160 acres of land.

After the Cherokee Indians were removed from Oklahoma 10,000 survived

why were the indians against the rowlatt act?

The Dawes Act was passed in 1887 and it tried to dissolve Indian tribes by redistributing the land. It was designed to forestall growing Indian poverty, but it resulted in many Indians losing their land to speculators.

How did the cherokee indians get land

The Dawes Act was an act passed in 1887 that granted citizenship to Native Americans if they agreed to live on the land allotted to them. This caused many Native Americans to lose what had been their tribal land. And a lot of Europeans paid money to be an Indians.

The reservation system was nearly destroyed by the Dawes Act of !887. Land allotted to Indians was soon controlled by non-Indians. Indians did not receive adequate payment for their land and soon spent any money they did receive because they were not used to handling money. Much of the land allotted was not adequate to be economically supportive and division amongst heirs made the portions even smaller.

The homestead act allow applicant to not hold land of up to 160 acres while the Dawes act was away for some Indians to be US citizens.

It cut off the land west of the Appalachians from the colonists. The land was declared off limits because it was Indian Land and the King did not want anymore wars with the Indians.

indiana is the state that is nicknamed ''land of the indians''.

Indians have many land rights which can include....... they can have land and live in Oklahoma....

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