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A governor approves a law remaining removing taxes

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Apex - A governor approves a law removing taxes that had previously been applied to all goods shipped into her state from neighboring states.

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What actions supports the philosophy of capitalism?

Answer this question… A politician demands that the government eliminate regulations on how much pollution a business can create.

What actions reflects the philosophy of capitalism?

A politician demands that the government eliminate regulations on how much pollution a business can create.

Is Jackie Chan supporting the Chinese government?

APPENDIX:I know that he supports the Olympics and that he's a Buddhist but is he supporting the communistic government and the their actions?===========================He has no known religious belief. He supports and promotes China and being Chinese and not any particular political system or party.He also supports and promotes peace and actively encourages people to be accepting and understanding of each other and each other's cultures.

When the president accepts another country as a nation of the world community it?

does not mean the united states supports all the actions of that countryit does not mean the United States supports all the actions of that country

What actions would be favored by a government that supports a mercantilist economy?

Answer this question… A merchant uses resources found in his own country to make goods to sell in other countries.

Protection from unfair actions by government?

protection from unfair actions by the goverment

What are actions taken by the federal government that influence economic activity known as?

The economic actions taken by government are known as fiscal policy.

Briefly describe the powers and typical actions of a municipal government?

A government where younger children have the powers and actions to be able to govern law for themselves.

What lesson does the movie Rollerball teach?

Heroes are good to have. It supports our faith in individual actions and morals and self-determination

Actions taken by the federal government which influence economic activity are know as?

Fiscal policy refers to actions taken by the government that can influence economic activity. The form of government affects the nature of a country's fiscal policy.

What was one action the soviet government proposed?

Like all Governments everywhere, the Soviet Government will have proposed many actions. You need to be more specific as to what action or actions this question is about.

Which set of words pertains to actions the government takes on behalf of certain individual(s)?

Which set of words pertains to actions the government takes on behalf of certain individual

What term refers to the legal actions citizens can take to affect their government?

Boycotts, polling, voting, petitions, and referendums are five of the legal actions that citizens of the US utilize to affect our government.

What Soviet and American actions that contributed the most to the end of the Cold War?

MONEY! The US thrives on capitalism. The Soviets tried to live on socialism. MONEY WON.

Is UK a limited or unlimited government?

It is Limited because UK's Powre of the government is limited by the actions of its citizens.

Definition of political environment?

Government actions which affects the operations of a company or business. These actions may be on local, regional, national or international level. Business owners and managers pay close attention to the political environment to gauge how government actions will affect their company.

Define the term policy?

The actions the government takes on behalf of the people

What actions were taken by the government about the atomic bomb?

your question is unclear which gouvernement?

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