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Puzzles and riddles have always entertained us for years. There is always inquisitiveness, an eager to search for the ultimate destination, a thousand ways and means of reaching to the solution and looking at the person who solves the puzzle well before us! Just as we do physical exercise to keep our body fit, the mind puzzles and riddles helps us to keep the mind healthy


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activities occur in subarctic and tundra regions are changes............

Not as much as they are people living in the subarctic. The subarctic is a climate zone.

the subarctic people wore seal's skin and Bear's skin. They used it to keep warm for the cold and windy days in the subarctic!!

We are. Many Canadians live in a subarctic climate.

the subarctic people wore animal skin like seal skin bear skin and elephant skin

the first people in canada ate poo and pee .

The Full Ugliest people in the Canadian history of historys Kangaroos

what are some laws in the subarctic

Some people teach at the schools or hunt for blubber such as whale blubber

lived in wigwams and Birch bark lodges

I think that the Subarctic Peoples enjoyed playing music for each other using their unique instruments, but sorry i do not know what type of games they played.

they are the indians that live in the subarctic which is just below the arctic

the subarctic is colder than the tundra

Parts of Alaska are subarctic and have tundras.

because it is chilly and it will make their bodys very cold

In the Subarctic climate zone located below the Arctic zone.

The Subarctic region makes up the largest climate zone in Canada.

The subarctic region doesn't have a wide variety of vegetation, but there are some plants which do well there. Some of the plants which live in the subarctic regions are Spruce, Fir, and Quaking Aspen trees.

The regulator of people and their activities is government!

The Naskapi people of Canada, lived in the subarctic culture region. Somewhere near Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.

subarctic Indians lived in large mansions with cable TV.

There are many affects of a subarctic climate. This climate has a great impact on the wildlife that lives there.

Mining of oil and minerals such as diamonds and coal, Herding of shep, fishing (herring, sardines, etc.), Hunting of wild animals

i hate and the answer is no

Try 'tundra'. Subarctic regions are northern Canada and Siberia.

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