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Q: What activities would have a negative impact on a habitat?
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Has tennis had a negative impact on the society?

No, tennis has not had a negative impact. There would be no reason for it to have a negative impact as it only allows for more options in sports. If anything, it has allowed more people to try their hands in sports.

What type of human activity would have a negative impact on the environment?

Driving a car is negative. pretty much everything we do is negative!

What lifestyle activity might have a negative impact on the respiratory system?

Well, if you had asked "What lifestyle activity definitely has a negative impact on the respiratory system," I would answer "smoking."

What is the impact of vegetarianism on meat sales?

I would suppose it has a negative effect.

If the ozone layer is reduced what will be the important impact on human health?

If the ozone is reduced, it will have an important impact on human health. The impact would be negative.

How does human use of trees had both a negative and positive impact?

Well the negitive impact would be overall less trees and the positive impact would be overall more toilet paper.

Which human activity would have the most direct impact on the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle?

There are a few human activities that would have a direct impact on the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle. Planting trees and other plants is one of these activities.

What human activity would not impact the environment in a negative way?

hmmm, watching how much we reproduce...

What is the impact of social security on price stability full employment and economic growth?

It would have a negative impact on growth and employment. There's no reason it would have any effect on general prices.

What has a negative impact on animals?

What has a negative impact on animals, is yelling, abuse, neglect, not showing alot of love, using a negative tone with them most of the time, what you should try to do is reward them for everything they do good, show them lots of love, and be the best owner to them, treat them how you would like to be treated.

What is the impact open socity?

The impact of an open society may be positive or negative. The positive impact is allowing for new and innovative ideas while the cons would be not having regulations that govern the society.

How could you use sequester in a sentence?

They hoped the budget sequester would have little negative impact on the economy.

What would happen if it didn't rain?

If it did not rain, there would be a negative impact on agriculture. Crops would not grow well, and there would most likely be food shortages eventually.

What are the positive and negative affects to using the forest to meet your needs?

It depends on what your needs are. If your needs are making paper products then the positive effects would be that trees are inexpensive and everywhere. The negative effects would be that the environment suffers; you would be destroying much wild-life and their habitat.

Does an increase in overhead rate have a negative financial impact?

Increase in overhead rate would have negative financial impact since its one of the cost under the income statement. Increased in overhead rate would lead to increase in costs, which eventually would lead to lower income. Sales - Direct material - Direct labor - Overhead = Profit

Was the impact Christianity had on the world positive or negative?

This can be looked at from three perspectives. One is from a christian. they would say it was positive. Another is from an atheist (one who does not believe in god). They would say it was negative. But the third, from someone who doesn't really care would say that it had no effect.

Was photography a positive or negative impact on history?

Yes it is because if we didn't have pictures we would basically still be telling stories by mouth.

What is the impact of reversing the polarity of a CT in a 3phase and 4wire metering arrengement?

The net measured power would appear to be negative, or reversed.

Is a negative number added to a negative number positive or negative?

The answer to a problem that has a negative number added to a negative number would be negative.It would be a negative

What should you do if you said something really bad to your friend and she wouldn't talk to any more what should you write to her?

The best thing to do would be to write an apology letter explaining the negative actions and the negative impact it had on her.

When you multiply a negative integer to a negative integer would it always be negative?

No. It would NEVER be negative.

Why would an object be neutral?

Either the numbers of elementary positive and negative charges in it are precisely equal, or else an impact has caused it to jump out of <DRIVE>.

What is the impact of Islam on the modern world Negative and positive impact would be great. Thank you.?

Basically, I have one thing to say - Any one / Any religion / anything which tried to force / convert by force and disrespects others belief will only have a negative impact on the world (ancient/modern). This will equate to dictatorship/facism and can be analogous to Adolf Hitler's book of rules.

What is the Habitat of blue nose pitbull?

the habitat is o habitat the only thing that it would have is ther owner

Which human activity would have the least negative impact on the quality of their environment?

Using species-specific sex attractants to trap and kill insect pests