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The Aussie Army cadets do loads of activitys but the main one is annual camp which is on the first week of the september holidays.

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Q: What activitys do you do at the army cadets?
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If you are in cadets do you have to join the army in the future?

Short answer, No you do not have to join the army after you finish cadets.

Is the army cadets beter than air cadets?

No, Air Cadets do everything the army cadets do, (Shooting, Drill, Camps, etc.) and more, The Air Cadets do all of those things as well as flying.

Is army cadets the best of all cadets?

This would depend on what you think, this is a personal opinion question. however people like The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles did say "Air Cadets is the Biggest and best Organisation out of all the cadets" But yet again it's opinion Well being a corporal in army cadets but my opinion would be to pick army cadets but air cadets are just as good as army cadets with the bonus that air cadets get the chance to fly helicopters!

Do you need an English pasport do go army cadets?

No you don't need a passport to go to army cadets

Can army cadets at the rank of 'Cadet' teach others in detachment?

Yes. The more experienced cadets all help the newest cadets.

Can you be in the sea cadets and army cadets at the same time?

Nope - you get to pick one, not two or three.

Whats the youngest you need to be to go cadets?

you can join junior sea cadets at 11. you can join air and army cadets when you're 13

What actors and actresses appeared in Royal Canadian Army Cadets - 1951?

The cast of Royal Canadian Army Cadets - 1951 includes: Max Ferguson

Should you join the army cadets?

Yes, you should join the army cadets. There are also navy and air force cadets, but these focus in different areas. If you are interested in camouflage and concealment, fieldcraft, firing rifles, navigation, drill, leadership, teamwork and radio telecommunications, then the army cadets will be beneficial to you.

Are sea cadets the best?

It depends on what you want to do or what you're most interested in. The Sea Cadets do lots of things as does the other Cadet Corps. Although, Sea Cadets specialises in ships, Army Cadets in guns and combat and Air Cadets with aircrafts and mechanics. So if you're not a particularly athletic person you could always join the Sea or Air Cadets. Or if you love adventure you could always join Army or Sea Cadets.

Can you go to Afghanistan if your in the army cadets?

No you cant. The Australian Army Cadets do not fight. They are mainly positioned at one building but go on 'excursions'. The AAC (Australian Army Cadets) train / drill you incase you want to join the actual ADF (Australian Defence Force) or if you just want to join. In short: NO the Army cadets are a youth organisation and wouldn't even be called into active service in a national emergancy. its a charity not a Armed Force

What clothing do the army cadets need?

not much most is supplied