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The actor that has appeared in most movies is John Wayne, as listed in the Guinness World Book of Records.

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Q: What actor has appeared in the most movies?
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Who is the actor that appeared in the most western movies?

crazey bowo

What actor appeared most in Alfred Hitchcock's movies?

John Williams

Which actor has appeared in the most James Bond movies?

Sean Connery i think?

Which black male actor appeared in the most movies?

Samuel L Jackson

Which Actor appeared in the most movies during the 1990's?

Samuel l Jackson

Which actor has starred in the most movies?

Shakti Kapoor /September 3,1958. Shakti is a famous Bollywood actor actor. He has appeared in approx 560 movies. supports this claim....

What actor has made the most movie appearances?

Brahmanandam appeared in 900+ movies Lloyd Bridges appeared in 217 movies. Ward Bond appeared in 258 movies! Hattie McDaniel has appeared in over 300 films

How many of his own movies has Quentin Tarantino appeared in as an actor?

Quentin Tarantino has acted in eight of the ten movies he has directed. In movies not directed by him, he has appeared eleven times as an actor as well.

What actor appeared in the most Hitchcock movies?

Alfred Hitchcock, because he has been in almost every movie he has made. Other than him, James (Jimmy) Stewart has appeared in the most Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Which main actor appeared in most of the Hitchcock films?

The master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock, made cameos in most of his movies.

What films has Alain Delon appeared in?

The actor Alain Delon has appeared in over thirty movies and films, most famous of which are his European (Italian) movies. He has most recently appeared in Planet Of The Apes, The Matrix and Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Who has appeared in the most films with John Wayne?

Stuntman/actor Yakima Canutt appeared in 30 movies with the Duke. but Paul Fix is the oodles answer

What movie is the actor Robert Duvall famous for?

The actor Robert Duvall has been in many famous and popular movies. One of the most famous movies that Robert Duvall has appeared in would be in the film The Godfather.

Most popular Bollywood actor?

The most popular actor can be said as Shah Rukh Khan. He is the greatest actor as the number of movies he has done is tremendous. His movies are mostly of romantic genre.

What is Michael Jae White most well known for?

Michael Jai White is a famous American actor who is most known for his martial arts in movies. He appeared in the Dark Knight and Mortal Kombat movies.

Who was the UK actor who appeared in War movies in the sixties?

Maybe Gordon Jackson.

Which actor stared in the most horror movies?

tom cruise

What black actor has been in the most movies?

Morgan freeman

Which living actor-actress has appeared in the most movies?

According to the Guinness Book of World records, Indian actor, Brahmanandam Kanneganti has the most acting credits with over 1050 films roles as of the end of 2017.

What movies has the actor Logan Lerman appeared in?

Logan Lerman has appeared in over two dozen movies, those he are the most famous for are movies such as The Patriot, A Painted House, Jack & Bobby, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Three Musketeers, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Who is the actor that Emma Roberts has worked with most?

Rory Culkin. They both have appeared together in the following movies: "Twelve" "Scream 4" and "LymeLife"

What actor appeared in 44 movies during the 1990's?

Samuel L Jackson

Do actor sing in this movies?

Which movies? And which actor? More information is needed.

Who was the actor that starred in the most g-rated movies?

Cary Elwes

Most popular actor?

Jerry Hillston (acted in 55 movies)