What actors and actresses appeared in Falling in Love Again - 1980?

The cast of Falling in Love Again - 1980 includes: Hilda Allen as Customer (Present day) David Caruso as Young Neighborhood Boy Henry Charles as Salesman (Present day) Tallie Cochrane as Hooker (Present day) Bill Collard as Bellhop (Present day) James Dunaway as Man on the street David Eastman as Eddie (Present day) Terrence Evans as Beaver (Present day) Elliott Gould as Harry Lewis (Present day) Jack Gregory as Gooch (Present day) Howard Hays as Piano player Elli Maclure John Miranda as Idiot (Present day) Bonnie Paul as Hilary Lewis (Present day) Rex Riley as Customer (Present day) Peter Schrum as Meatloaf (Present day) Susannah York as Sue Lewis (Present day)