What actors and actresses appeared in Horrid - 2009?

The cast of Horrid - 2009 includes: Scott Annala as Uncle John Kyle Berg as Craig Russ Borchardt as Ralph Casey Buchanan as Sergeant Joe Drilling as Rodney Erin Einbender as Helen Lindsey Gagliano as Jenny Roland James Williams as Matt Clemens Melissa Jo Murphy as Patient Michela Kealey as Gabriella Donn Kennedy as Logger 1 Ryan Michael Johnson as Postmaster Josh Mijal as Mark Joseph Mistretta as Lewis Eric Nameth as Major Roland Amber Rae Halama as Valerie Liz Ribarchek as Maria Jocelyn Ridgely as Jess Robyn Starkey as Lab Tech Rex Steven Sikes as Dr. Roberts Chase Stoeger as Private Jim Van Vonderen as Jim