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The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1913 includes: Friedrich Feher

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The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1955 includes: Friedrich Siemers Hilde Weissner

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1976 includes: Erich Auer Gertraud Jesserer Klaus Maria Brandauer Johanna Matz Alexander Trojan

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 2009 includes: Daniel Christensen as Ferdinand Daniel Graf as Wurm Janina Sachau as Luise Thiemo Schwarz as Wurm Xenia Snagowski as Lady Milford

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1974 includes: Annelene Hischer as dessen Frau Alexander Lang as Ferdinand, sein Sohn Klaus Piontek as Wurm Walfriede Schmitt as Luise, dessen Frau Christine Schorn as Lady Milford

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1981 includes: Annemone Haase as dessen Frau Albert Hetterle as Kammerdiener Eberhard Kirchberg as Wurm Heidrun Perdelwitz as Luise, dessen Tochter Cornelia Schmaus as Lady Milford Anne Wollner as Sophie, Kammerjungfer

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1967 includes: Peter Arens as Hofmarschall von Kalb Norbert Kappen as Wurm Willi Kowalj as Ferdinand Uta Sax as Lady Milford Hermann Schomberg as Miller Fritzi Seliger as Sophie Camilla Spira as Millerin

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1965 includes: Michael Heltau as Ferdinand von Walter Judith Holzmeister as Lady Milford Gustav Knuth as Stadtmusikant Miller Elisabeth Lennartz as Die Millerin Johanna Mertinz as Luise Miller Walter Simmerl as Kammerdiener der Lady

The cast of Kabale und Liebe unplugged - 2009 includes: Bob Hirsch as Herzog Natascha Jeutter as Luise Jasper Joseph as Louis Anika Kleinke as Sophie Thomas Linke as Miller Ariane Seeger as Lady Milford Grit Stephan as Wurm Jens Wesemann as Hofmarschall

Kabale und Liebe (English Intrigue and Love) was written by Friedrich Schiller in 1782 and first performed in 1784

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1980 includes: Thekla Carola Wied as Johanna von Norfolk aka Lady Milford Lambert Hamel as Hofmarschall von Kalb Lutz Mackensy as Wurm Jan Niklas as Ferdinand von Walter Simone Rethel as Sophie Dietlinde Turban as Luise Miller

The cast of Liebe Liebe... - 2006 includes: Axel Ranisch as Peter Nico Woche as Ralf

The cast of Liebe in Not - 2008 includes: Michael Mary as Himself - Host

The cast of Erstarrte Liebe - 1914 includes: Richard Eichberg

The cast of Rasende Liebe - 2006 includes: Tonino Accardi as himself

The cast of Liebe Kinder - 2009 includes: Sebastian Schlecht as Ben

The cast of Alles Liebe - 2007 includes: Johannes Klama as Martin

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 2005 includes: Johann Adam Oest as Kammerdiener August Diehl as Ferdinand von Walter Katja Flint as Lady Milford Georg Friedrich as Hofmarschall von Kalb Paula Kalenberg as Luise Miller Ignaz Kirchner as Herr Miller Annika Kuhl as Kammerzofe Sophie Torsten Michaelis as Delinquent Katharina Thalbach as Frau Miller

The cast of Tabak und Liebe - 1913 includes: Julius Brandt

The cast of Seine erste Liebe - 1911 includes: Dorrit Weixler

The cast of Liebe und Tod - 1985 includes: Maria Laborit

The cast of Liebe und Leidenschaft - 1911 includes: Henny Porten

The cast of Verbotene Liebe - 1920 includes: Esther Hagan Bruno Kastner

The cast of Verbotene Liebe - 1930 includes: Johann Neuhauser as Horse Rider

The cast of Liebe oder nichts - 2010 includes: Thomas Arnold

The cast of Liebe und Trompetenblasen - 1920 includes: Gerhard Lamprecht

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