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The cast of Patient - 2008 includes: Adele Phi

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The cast of Der Patient - 2008 includes: Matthias Rott as Dr. Rendel

The cast of Valborg - 2008 includes: Karin Huldt as Patient

The cast of Scalpel - 2008 includes: Joe Hammerstone as Patient Jessica Spaid as Nurse

The cast of Sickbed - 2008 includes: Don Corcoran as Patient Devin Marble as Voice Scott Subiono as Scientist

The cast of Leaving the clinic - 2008 includes: Milorad Blanusa as Medical staff Ivica Gunjaca as Patient Goran Manic as Patient Dorotea Vucic as Doctor

The cast of Dirty Girl - 2008 includes: Kevin Haberer as Tumors Monica Ramon as Patient Travis Siembieda as Doctor

The cast of Songs for Daddy - 2008 includes: Jim Brazo as Patient Desiree Conn as Daughter Steven Durgarn as Father

The cast of Indoc - 2008 includes: Mario DeAngelis as Patient 2 Antonio Lexerot as The Man Nathan Smith Jones as The Host

The cast of Exitus - 2008 includes: Grace Boye as Girlfriend Felix Kreutzmann as Doctor Natalie Pfeffer as Nurse Sven Sack as Patient

The cast of Brother Screwtape - 2008 includes: Kelli McCall as Grace (patient) Neil Sturdevant as Ex Lynann Weaver as Mistress

The cast of 12 Steps - 2008 includes: Ryder Bach as Drew Elena Eustache as AA Meeting patient Rob Ullett as Hank

The cast of From... - 2008 includes: Leslie McIntosh

The cast of Me and You - 2008 includes: Daniela Dakich

The cast of I Do... - 2008 includes: Beth Farmer

The cast of She - 2008 includes: Sheersha Perera

The cast of In the Shade of Poison Trees - 2008 includes: Kelly Eltschlager as Patient Phil Schatkowski as Dr. Veenstra Zach Wright as Frank

The cast of Waking Up - 2008 includes: Courtney Hogan as Patient with twitching nose Robert Pralgo as Bearded Man Lynn Talley as Nurse

The cast of Is What Was - 2008 includes: Jerry Tartaglia as himself

The cast of Keka - 2008 includes: Ishaana

The cast of The Pageant - 2008 includes: Ellashaye

The cast of Filminute 2008 - 2008 includes: Peter Shinkoda

The cast of Facing Death... with Open Eyes - 2008 includes: Tighe Foley as Aids patient Robin Inman as Collage artist

The cast of Celebration of 2008 - 2008 includes: Yolanda Adams as herself

The cast of Panel - 2008 includes: Wanda Nemes

The cast of Tipota - 2008 includes: Jesse Threatt

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