What actors and actresses appeared in Tainted - 1987?

The cast of Tainted - 1987 includes: Lee Anne Barton as Student Keith as Student with Slingshot Hall Austin as Funeral Client Randy Barcelo as Corpse Dean Biasucci as Scott Larry Butts as Police Officer Alice Cely as Corpse Alex Cochran as Corpse Tom Conder as Police Officer Elmer Drake as Husband on road Charlie Fender as Police Officer Blaque Fowler as Rapist Pat Fuleman as Funeral Client Ann Gillman Martin as Mrs. Kent Carl Grosshesn as Police Officer Dean Keiserman as Street Fighter Loren Laney as Dancer Kevin McKee as Doctor Lee Moldoom as Chef Rick Mott as Paramedic Kip Munnicutt as Ambulance Driver Park Overall as Marion Todd Overguard as Punk Donnie Park as Police Officer Ida Pearle as Violinist Wendy Postom as Nurse Ruben Rabasa as Security Guard Magilla Schaus as Tom Shari Shattuck as Cathy Ted Shoddy as Bulldozer Operator Jerry Staton as Police Officer Dean Sunney as Son on road Benny Sutton as Punk Michael Tarring as Street Fighter Robb Taylor as Principal Gene Tootle as Frank Marylee Uptegrove as Wife on road Van Vandorin as Priest Chip Webster as Builder Brian Weig as Punk Dan Wood as Police Officer Jerita Wright as Music Teacher