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The cast of The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel - 2009 includes: Rafael Aieta as Priest Paulo Zulu as Himself - Host

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors - 2004?

The cast of The Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors - 2004 includes: Regis Philbin as Himself - Host

What channel is the discovery channel?

The discovery channel is the discovery channel.

What is the email address for Discovery Channel?

for an email contact form for Discovery Channel.

When was Discovery Channel created?

Discovery Channel was created in 1985.

What channel is the Discovery Channel on bright house?

The discovery channel on bright house is 45

Who owns the military channel?

The Military Channel is part of Discovery Communications, Inc. which also includes: The Discovery Channel TLC Animal Planet Discovery Health Science Channel Investigation Discovery Planet Green Discovery Kids Turbo Launching OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Channel) on 1/1/11 Discovery Networks International Discovery Education Discovery Enterprises International

When was Discovery Channel Germany created?

Discovery Channel Germany was created in 1996.

When was Discovery Health Channel created?

Discovery Health Channel was created in 1999.

When did Discovery Health Channel end?

Discovery Health Channel ended in 2010.

How much money does the discovery channel pay the pickers?

The pickers are on the history channel not discovery.

When was the discovery channel created?

The Discovery Channel was launched June 17, 1985 by John Hendricks and was distributed by Discovery Communications.

What channel is discovery on direct tv?

278 - Discovery413 - Discovery en Espanol436 - Discovery Familia279 - Discovery Health Channel294 - Discovery KidsBTW- You can use the Menu button -> Search for Shows -> Channel -> Then type the channel you wanna find. ^-^Thanks for using Answers.com (wiki.answers.com)

On dishnetwork what channel is Discovery Education on?

I'm pretty sure that Discovery Education is on Channel 182 on DishNetwork. Don't quote me on that, though. It might just be Discovery Channel. :)

Where can you watch tutenstein online?

you can watch that on discovery, a childrens channel you can watch that on discovery, a childrens channel

When was Discovery Channel - Canada - created?

Discovery Channel - Canada - was created in 1995.

When was Discovery Channel - Australia - created?

Discovery Channel - Australia - was created in 1995.

What year did the Discovery Channel first air?

The Discovery Channel first aired in 1985. You can learn more about the Discovery Channel online at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "Discovery Channel" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

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