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They can soak up water and store it for long periods of time. This process keeps them hydrated for entire seasons. Birds also take advantage of this, when they can find water themselves, they peck holes in the cactus, even build their nests in the caverns of them. It also provides shade from the harmful rays of the desert sun. Most plants don't have this feature. Many people think the thorns are to protect the cacti, really they are for collecting dew at night. As an added bonus, evolution has made them sharp, to defend the cactus from hungry creatures.

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What desert plants have adaptations?


What are some desert adaptations?

Some desert adaptations for the desert biomeare...Cacti have thorns to protect it's nutrients from consumers.Camels can close their nose so sand doesn't get in it.

Do cacti survive in the desert by storing water in their stems?

Yes, that is one of the adaptations cacti have to survive in the desert.

Is there cacti in the Gobi desert?

yes there is cacti in the gobi desert

What if you put a cactus in the rainforest?

There are already a number of species of cacti that live naturally in the rainforest and are doing quite well. They have different adaptations for survival than desert cacti.

Do cacti grow in the Great Basin Desert?

Yes, cacti grow in the Great Basin Desert.Yes, cacti grow in the Great Basin Desert.

Are cacti found in the desert?

Yes, many cacti genera are found in the desert.

How many cacti are in a desert?

Counting all the cacti in a desert is a virtual impossibility.

Are there cacti in the Mojave Desert?

Yes, there are numerous species of cacti in the Mojave Desert.

Are there cacti in the Thar desert?

Yes, I'm pretty sure there are cacti in the Thar Desert

Do cacti grow in the Mojave Desert?

Yes, there is a variety of cacti that live in the Mojave Desert.

What is the name of the desert in North America which has cacti?

Sonoran Desert is the desert in North America which has Cacti.

What eats cacti in the Sahara Desert?

Nothing, cacti are not found naturally in the Sahara Desert. Most cacti are native to north America

Why are cacti adapted the desert?

cacti are adapted to their environment

What are the adaptations of cacti?

Some adaptations of cacti are there waxy covering, their leave spines, water storage, and their shallow widely spreading roots.

Does the Arabian Desert have cacti?

Cacti are natives of the Americas only and not found naturally in the Arabian Desert.

What type of plant life is there in the desert?

an abundance of plant life. always green and thriving Mostly Cacti

Are there any cacti in the Great Victoria Desert?

Australia has no native cacti, so there are no cacti occurring naturally in the Great Victoria Desert. However, introduced cacti such as the prickly pear have spread as far west as the Great Victoria Desert.

What adaptations do plants that live in the Sahara Desert have?

The plants that grow in the Sahara desert are able to hold water like cacti or go long periods with out water that is why so little plant grow in the Sahara desert

How does cactus adapd to desert life?

Cacti are able to store water in their fleshy stems.

What are the examples of desert ecosystem?

cacti and bacteria cacti and bacteria

Can mealworms eat cacti in the desert?

Mealworms do not eat cacti.

Does the Sonora Desert have cacti?

Yes, some of the largest and most spectacular cacti in the world are found in the Sonoran Desert, including the saguaro and cardon cacti.

Are there cacti in the Simpson Desert?

Cacti are not natives to any Australian desert. They only occur naturally in the Americas. Any cacti in Australia were planted by man.

What animals eat cacti in the desert?

The desert tortoise, javelina and deer will eat prickly pear cacti.