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they survive by giving off the stinging in their stinging rays, which keeps them from bein prey.

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What adaptations does buffalo grass need to survive its habitat?

thick soil

What type of adaptations would you need to survive in an artict habitat?

Blubber fur and some other stuff

What adaptations does a blue whale have to survive in its environment?

The blue whale has several adaptations that help it survive in its habitat. They include blubber for warmth, a sleek shape for swimming and they never need to sleep.

What habitat does a tiger need to survive?

they need a shelterd and warm and cozzy habitat to survive

How much land does a Panda need to survive?

What type of habitat does the panda need to survive What type of habitat does the panda need to survive

Adaptations of jellyfish?

One adaptation of the jellyfish is their stinging tentacles. Another adaptation for the jellyfish is having no need for a respiratory system.

Why do animals need adaptations to survive?

because animals need adaptations to survive such as a camel needs its eyelashes to survive so that it dosnt get sand in its eye

What do jellyfish need to survive?

Food and water.

How will koalas evolve to survive?

Koalas already have everything the need to survive. They are equipped with numerous adaptations that enable them to survive, and tribe, in their habitat. Refer to the related question below for these adaptations.However, few animals as able to survive man's interference in their environment. The koala is no exception. If man continues to degrade the koala's environment, koalas are unlikely to survive.

What adaptations do plants need to survive on land?

Plants need several adaptations to survive on land. They would need a method of absorbing oxygen and way to absorb food from their environments.

What are leopards adaptations to survive?

They need their coat and your face

What are Adaptations for a shrub?

that it survive by water and the sunlight it need.

What adaptations does a sunflower need to survive its habitat?

if you are living in country that is cold it needs to adapt in the sun change of temperature but if its a very hot country you have to water it more it is supposed to be

What adaptations do plants in the rainforest need to survive?

they need to adaped to the rain and shad

What does a giraffe need to survive?

food,warter a habitat

Why do desert plants and animals need adaptations to survive?

The last two words of your question answer it - to survive.

Why does the cheetah need its habitat?

to live and survive. If there habitat was destroyed then there life span will decrease

What do koalas need to survive in their habitat?

In order to survive in their habitat, koalas need a range of eucalyptus trees, specifically, the subgenus Symphyomyrphus. These trees provide them with food, water and shelter.

What does a plant or animal need in their habitat to survive?

they need water like we need water

What adaptations do sea urchins need to survive?

they have spines that react to predators

What adaptations does the baobab tree need in order to survive?

CAM Photosynthesis

What are the Adaptations for the plant Aloe?

they dont need that much water to survive

What adaptations does a frog have to make when living in their habitat?

Frogs are already adapted to their habitats. They do not need to make any adaptations when living in those habitats. They would need to make adaptations if their habitats changed significantly.

What does a mammal need to have in its habitat in order to survive?

vegetable and water

What does a habitat need to supply for plants to survive?

water and food

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