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Some things that come to mind are a stronger root system (either deeper roots or a more extensive shallow network) to anchor it, mechanisms to minimize water loss (smaller leaves, waxy surface coating, protection from predation), perhaps an affinity for growing in protected areas such as at the base of trees or near shrubbery that may protect it from heavy winds, and the root system would probably be a good place for the plant to store more water, like a tuberous root or something, because with the strong wind there is a possibility it could be a dry climate. That's what comes to mind, I'm sure there are other things too. Hope that helps!

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What adaptations do turtles have that help them survive their environment?

They are strong swimmers,excellent divers,breath longer,can live in seawater,and can go on land.

Adaptations to help a grey squirrel survive in its environment?

The adaptations that help a gray squirrel survive are its sharp front teeth and strong jaw structure for cracking nuts, and sharp claws for climbing trees. Also, the squirrel can leap from branch to branch, helping it find food and escape predators.

What are some zebra adaptations to survive in the wild?

Some of zebras adaptations are their strong and slender legs their legs are so strong they could injure or even kill an animal as big as a lion.

What are some plants and adaptations in the savanna?

umbrella trees waxy coatings strong limbs

How do plants and animals survive afterbotanist?

Plants and animals survive after a botanist in a few ways. These plants and animals have learned how to hunt and are strong enough to support their own food consumption.

Why are animals stronger then humans?

Well, not all animals are stronger than humans, but the animals which are stronger than humans like elephants for example, is because they have adaptations to be strong which they need to get food or fight other animals to protect their young, food or territory to survive in their environment. Whereas humans rely on other ways to survive like our intelligence, although we are strong to a certain extent.

What adaptation do grasshoppers have?

Grasshoppers have several adaptations which enable them to survive in their habitats. They have strong jaws for eating and chomping food, as well as strong back legs for them to jump high and escape predators

What are adaptations of surf barnicles?

Most sea creatures have developed certain adaptations to live in their environment. Surf barnacles have mechanisms that help them to cling to rocks so they don't get washed out by strong waves.

What are 3 adaptations that a lion has?

3 adaptations of a lion are: strong teeth long canines strong feet

What is necessary for a plant to invade and take over native plants?

A strong adaptability in this exotic environment

How do you live in a hut?

You have to be strong and survive and when it rains block any water from coming in. A lot of natives in places like Africa live in huts and always have and they survive this is because they are born to survive in an environment like this.

What are the adaptations of maple tree?

The Maple has several adaptations, like most trees it drop its leaves to survive the winter time. The roots of a Maple tree are strong and extensively branched out and the fruit of the maple tree is adapted to catch wind.

Does a lion have any special adaptations to survive in its environment?

The lion doesn't need to survive it's strong. When sick the lion dies because it can't protect itself from a Hyena. the hyena's can't battle with a healthy lion and that is why they prey on the weak animals. He's the top of the food chain. The lion is fast , has huge paws , and teeth to defend it's self.

What physical adaptations help a spotted hyena to survive?

They have strong jaws to help them crush bones, and they can digest parts of animals that other animals cant digest, so they can eat a more wide variety of food to help them survive.

What are some adaptations of a tiger that are caused by the environment?

The White Bengal Tiger has many special and cool adaptions to help them survive anywhere. Here are two examples...The Stripes on its body help them be invisible in the tall grass and trees.There extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth help the catch there pray.

What are adaptations of gopher tortoise?

it has a strong shell :)

What are bull sharks adaptations?

they are very strong

What are the adaptations of the antarctic pearlwort?

The Antarctic Pearlwort has many adaptations that it needs to survive. One behavioural adaptation that it has is that the Antarctic Pearlwort grows to each other, a strategy that helps it to resist the effects of cold weather and reduce damage caused by strong Antarctic winds

How do ants adapt to survive in their environment?

they are fast to run away from predetors and they are strong so when they are in a group they can pick up their prey like spiders.

What are the physical adaptations that can help gray wolves to succeed in their habitat?

What are wolves adaptations? Adaptations are what does the wolve learn how to do or accomplish to survive. (behavioral adaptations) And physical adaptations are basically physical characteristics that help it survive. To answer your question: The colour of their coat helps them camoflage at night or in the dark to help them hunt and it also makes it easier to sneak up on prey. The wolf aslo has very strong legs that help it run extremely fast which also alows them to hunt with more efficiency. This also helps them escape from hunters or any predator that's after them.

What structural or behavioral adaptations does the anteater use in order to survive in its habitat?

Its tongue can be up to 2 feet long. It has strong claws to break open ant hills. Its stomach can crush ants, using its hard interior and strong contractions.

What adaptations do deer have to help them survive?

Some adaptations deer have in order to survive in the wild are: 1. Excellent hearing: They have very good hearing, so they can hear predators. 2. Fast runners: They can run very fast, allowing them to easily outrun enemies 3. Deer have long legs to help them reach food and leaves. 4. The colour of their fur enables them to camouflage in their environment. 5. There eyes are on sides to look almost at 360 degree. 6. they have strong teeth to chew the hard stem of the trees in the forest.

What adaptations help a praying mantis live in its environment?

praying mantises use their strong legs for running away from storms, rain and other bad weather. THANKS FOR READING :)

What plants have strong stems?

Sunflower and rose plants have woody and strong stems)

List three structures of the grasshopper that are adaptations for life on land?

The grasshopper has adaptations that helps it survive on land. It has strong hind legs that helps it jump and escape predators, a pair of large wings for flying long distances in search of food and a sensitive antennae for sensing moisture and food.

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