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Shakespeare's skill as a playwright was enhanced by his command of language, his deep understanding of human nature, and his ability to create complex characters and storylines that continue to resonate with audiences today. Additionally, his use of innovative dramatic techniques and his ability to blend tragedy, comedy, and romance in his works contributed to his enduring influence in the world of literature.

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Q: What added to Shakespeare's skill as a playwright?
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What was William Shakespeares main job?

He was a Playwright.

What was shakespeares time in work like?

he was a playwright poet and actor he was a dude

What was william shakespeares jobs?

He was an actor who became a playwright, and he was able to support his family as a playwright.

What is Shakespeares greatest creation?

I think his greatest creation was the playwright of Romeo and Juliet.

How successful were shakespeares plays?

Very successful. He was not regarded as the top playwright in his own time, but he was definitely in the top three.

What was Shakespeares occupation?

Shakespeare's occupations were Writing plays, sonnets and acting.

You can catch one of Shakespeares plays at the globe theater though actors might call the famous playwright by what nickname?

The Bard

True or False- Shakespeares father was also a playwright?

False. His father was a glove maker and maker of fine leather goods.

The Greek playwright who added elaborate stage settings and a flute accompaniment to his tragedies was?

The Greek playwright who added elaborate state settings and a flute accompaniment to his tragedies was Sophocles. Euphrides was also a Greek playwright that used this type of stage presence.

What were some of shakespeares well known traits?

Shakespeare was known back then for his amazing skill at writting sonnets.

What one skill did William Shakespeare definitely know how to do?

William Shakespeare was an amazing playwright and poet.

What was William shakespeares favourite football team?

It is not known if William Shakespeare had a favorite football team. William Shakespeare is a famous playwright most known for writing Romeo and Juliet.