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Cleaner air (hence less lenticular distortion) and no city lights to spoil night time viewing.

Galileo's primary advantage was the use of a telescope. He was the first person to record astronomical observations made with the recently invented device. Aside from a few burning candles and oil lamps, there would have been almost zero light pollution back in the early 17th century. There would have been a lot of haze from fires used for cooking and heating, however, near any sufficiently large town.

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What advantage did Galileo have over Copernicus and brahe?

He had a telescope.

Who one do you think got it right Aristotle or Galileo?

Galileo got it right. But he had built a telescope so he had an advantage.

What advantage did Galileo have over other earlier astronomers?

He used a telescope to observe the sky. This allowed Galileo Galilei to see things that an unaided, human eye could not see.

What advantage did Galileo have over earlier astronomers?

He was one of the first people to use a telescope to observe objects in space.

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The famous scientist whom we usually refer to as Galileo was named, in full, Galileo Galilei. His first name actually was Galileo.

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