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On a network you can share hardware and software and avoid the expense of having to provide each workstation with duplicate programs and peripherals.

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Q: What advantages does the network provide in terms of hardware and software?
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What services does Cisco provide for small businesses?

Cisco provides large network routers, network security features, network voice systems, phones, video and conferencing software and hardware and wireless access points, all of which are network based.

Can A firewall can come in either software or hardware form?

Yes. There are dedicated devices that can be installed on a network to provide firewall functionality without the need to run firewall software on a router or gateway computer.

Do software refers to programs that provide instructions to the hardware?


Examples of embedded software?

robotes,microwaves,drown attack, hardware+software provide application.

What is a significant consideration and should be ensured when installing hardware or software on an Air Force network?

That all available security features which provide controlled access protection are not bypassed or disabled.

Which hardware component must be installed in a PC to provide network connectivity?

what must be installed in my computer in order for me to connect to a network

Why do you think apple is easier to provide compatibility between hardware and software?


How do you xxplain the term interface in computer science?

It depends on whether you are referencing to hardware or software. When talking about hardware, it is a place where a piece of hardware can connect to another. When talking about software, interfaces provide access to data or computer resources, such as memory.

Which companies provide online backup services?

SafeLock, Dropbox, Druva, Barracuda Network, and carbbonite are all excellent online backup services that will protect online files and even hardware and software files.

Why is it easier for Apple to provide compatibility between hardware and not Microsoft?

Apple controls the design of all hardware running their software and Microsoft has no such control.

What are the primary functions of active directory?

To provide authentication and authorization services for hardware and software resources on the network like computer,users,printers groups etc. Authentication would be verifying the user's identity while authorization is the process of granting the user access to only the resources they are permitted to useTo provide authentication and authorization services for hardware and software resources on the network. Authentication would be verifying the user's identity while authorization is the process of granting the user access to only the resources they are permitted to use.

Five examples of system software?

utilities, operating systems, compilers and debuggers, that lie at a level of functionality just above the actual computer hardware. This software is designed to operate the computer hardware and provide a

Describe system software?

System software is a computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide and maintain a platform for running application software.

Do Cisco Systems provide more tools than other network system management tools?

"Yes, Cisco makes some hardware as well as software for commercial, as well as home use. Includeing routers, network switches, and servers. As well as softwares for the system."

What is an Ethernet adapter?

A network card (aka. network adapter, network interface card, NIC, etc.) is a piece of computer hardware designed to provide for computer communication over a computer network.

What is definition of system software?

System software is a set of routines that are used to manage hardware and provide functions necessary for user applications to run.

Is siri software or hardware?

It is both software and hardware. 1. The software side is the iPhone Side. a. Siri is installed onto the iPhone at the Apple Manufacturing Plant and is then shipped out to you. b. The iPhone and the Siri servers communicate over the iPhone's 3G network 2. The hardware side are the Siri Servers. a. Apple runs and upkeeps servers at some location which provide responses to the iPhone and allow you to use Siri. b. The servers and Siri communicate over the iPhone's 3G network. So the answer is both.

Where can one purchase network inventory software?

EMCO and Lansweeper provide paid services through their websites. There are also websites that provide free software. You should search for the best type of software for your individual needs for the best results.

What does telecom company do?

Telecommunications is a mammoth industry, comprising companies that make hardware, produce software, and provide services.

What are small programs stored on the hard drive that tell the computer how to communicate with specific hardware?

The name for these programs is 'drivers'. They are small programs that provide compatibility with other software and hardware.

What were some of the services offered by 2Wire?

There were many services that were offered by 2Wire. They primarily offered telecommunication companies with hardware, software and other systems. These products and services allowed telecommunications companies to provide home users with various network services.

What services does kaseya provide?

Kaseya provides IT Systems Management Software and Network Management Software for IT Departments and Managed Service Providers. It focuses on computer services.

Provide examples of two or three products and at least one system in which software not hardware is the differentiating element?

that's why, im askinggg..

What services does Software House provide?

Software House provides companies security services. They offer a wide-range of security hardware products, event management systems, and the access control systems.

What kind of software does the Process Software company develop?

The Process Software company develops many different types of solutions including network, anti-spam, and email solutions. They also developed messaging software and provide consulting services to their clients.